How is the living room LED panel light buzzing when it is powered on?

1. Drive problems, which are usually caused by improper assembly or poor quality of LED power supply system. The LED street lamp that makes this sound uses a switching power supply. There is a high frequency oscillating transformer in the switching power supply, which works with the power switch tube. If the magnetic core of the high-frequency transformer is loose or improperly assembled, and the oscillation frequency is offset, a buzzing sound will occur.

2. The led lamp is always buzzing when it is installed. It may not be the problem of the line, because the power consumption of the LED lamp is very small, and the influence of the line can be ignored.

3, it may be the problem of the lamp’s power supply circuit, this kind of lamp generally uses the switching power supply to supply power for the LED, if the shock transformer in the power supply is not working properly, it will make a sound, you can try to change a power supply.

4. What is the cause of the buzzing as soon as the living room light is turned on? the problem with the driver may be the sound of the driver, the screw is loose and the sound of the lamp chassis, you can try to tighten the screw.

5, the possible reasons are: first, the transformer or inductor above the LED driver resonates, which will produce a buzzing sound. Second, the power of the power line driver does not match the power of the LED light source. Third, caused by the failure of the LED drive itself.

What’s the difference between LED flat panel lamp and LED lamp?

In fact, there is no difference between LED panel lights and LED panel lights, there are two different names, is the same LED lamps and lanterns. For example, some companies are generally called LED panel lights, but in other companies, they may be called LED panel lights.

LED lamp tube, also known as fluorescent tube, fluorescent tube, its light source uses LED as the luminous body.

The difference between LED lamp and ordinary lamp is that it is 3 times as bright as ordinary energy-saving lamp and 7 times as bright as ordinary incandescent lamp. Save electricity, save power under the same brightness, N times longer life, LED compared with the advantages of ordinary lamps 1, energy saving. 2, long life.

LED than ordinary long service life, do not need ballasts and so on, high color rendering, replace the traditional panel lights is the general trend, ordinary panel lights are large, not beautiful, lamp life is short, high replacement frequency, direct light, glare, poor lighting quality.

The big difference is that the shape and installation mode are different. The shape of LED ceiling lamp is thicker than that of flat panel lamp, and most of the flat panel lamp is square, while the shape of ceiling lamp is various. The LED ceiling lamp is installed directly on the ceiling or on the top wall, while the flat panel lamp is generally installed on the ceiling or grille. Baidu netizens are for you.

Working principle of small LCD TV screen LED

1. Small liquid crystal TV screen liquid crystal display referred to as LCD (LiquidCrystalDisplay), using a substance between solid and liquid, organic compounds with regular molecular arrangement, heating a transparent liquid state, and cooling a substance in a turbid solid state of crystalline particles.

2. To put it simply, MiniLED uses a smaller LED lamp as the backlight of the LCD. Because the luminous point is very small, it can be divided into many areas that independently control the brightness.

3. In principle, liquid crystal display devices are somewhat like those advertising light boxes on the street. After a certain diffusion, the light source behind them shines evenly on the transparent film painted with a picture, thus transmitting a bright picture. The LCD board is like that layer of film, but the picture in it will change.

4. This is the most basic imaging principle of LCD image electronic display.

Who is better to buy LED lights?

1. Philips Lighting, founded in 1891, is one of the top ten brands of lighting lamps and lanterns. China’s well-known trademark is one of the most valuable brands in the world and a leading manufacturer in the field of global lighting. Philips provides advanced energy-efficient lighting solutions for all fields and has made a great contribution to the global lighting industry.

2. Leishi Lighting is not only the most valuable 500 brand in China, but also the leading enterprise in the lighting industry. Rex Lighting not only has a leading R & D center, but also launched a series of LED lights and electronic ballasts to the majority of consumers to support the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection.

3. It has two series of traditional lighting and LED lighting. The products are of good quality and sell well in China. Panasonic is a well-known brand in Japan. Founded in 1984, it is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world and one of the top 500 companies in the world.

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