The latest price list on the official website of Rex spotlights (with tips for choosing spotlights)

The price of ordinary commercial spotlights is more than 20 yuan, and the price of grille spotlights is more than 50 yuan, while the indoor lighting series of LED is relatively expensive. The price of LED rail spotlights varies from 40 to 500 yuan. LED grille spotlights are about 100 yuan each.

But Saint COB track lights led track lights clothing store spotlights high-power 15w20w30wCOB track lights 20W natural light 4000k market reference price 27 yuan. NVC) LED tube lantern ceiling lantern metal aluminum sand silver 4 watts warm white light 4000K opening 5-5cm market reference price 33 yuan.

Spotlights are decorative lighting, narrow the irradiation range of the beam, make it focus on a small area, commonly used in wine cabinets or walls for decoration, enhance the lighting effect, strong penetration, low power lamp. Spotlights can be placed around the ceiling or on the upper part of the furniture, or in the wall, wallskirt or kick line.

Leishi Lighting is a leading lighting product supplier in China, and it also has manufacturing bases in Guangdong, Chongqing, Zhejiang and Shanghai, 2 R & D, 37 operators and more than 2000 brand stores. Rex has also set up operating institutions in more than 30 countries and regions.

General situation of Leishi Lighting Company since its establishment in 1998, Leishi has maintained rapid growth and carried out a continuous innovation campaign through independent research and development system. to provide the public with efficient, energy-saving, healthy and comfortable artificial lighting environment.

Price and Product recommendation of led Lamp

Children’s room commonly used in all kinds of cartoon led lights, Bailin brand under a model for BELAN products, the price is generally about 500 yuan.

Product price: 5W LED corn lamp, 50 yuan each; 10W LED corn lamp, 60 yuan each; 15W LED corn lamp, 30 yuan each; 20W LED corn lamp, 130yuan each.

Price: 800 yuan per person (the price comes from the Internet, for reference only.

Reese brand-led downlight Rex brand under a led downlight, the price is 30 yuan. This is an ultra-thin living room lamp. No radiation, no mercury and lead, but also has the advantages of high light efficiency, low energy consumption and so on.

Led indoor lamp price list

1. The price is 43 yuan, HT003D (58 yuan), DL-18 (125 yuan), etc. These are the common led indoor lighting lamps and lanterns on the market at present, and the price is generally not high, so they are more loved by consumers.

2, Opal lighting led ceiling lamp living room balcony aisle corridor modern simple round lamps and lanterns small bedroom LED diameter 23cm 6 watts, reference price 99 yuan

The reference price is generally about 10 yuan. Edeland led downlight embedded spotlight ultra-thin 3w living room aisle tricolor ceiling ceiling hole bucket lamp, the reference price is generally about 133yuan. Led tricolor downlight ceiling hole lamp embedded hole light 5w5 inch 3w5 centimeter 8 hole 12w living room, the reference price is generally about 6 yuan.

Price and manufacturer recommendation of led ceiling Lamp

The price of the led ceiling lamp sold by the manufacturer is about 230yuan, the price source network, for reference only. In today’s China, what is mainly advocated is the theme of green energy saving and environmental protection, and a lot of scientific research directions will develop in this direction. Led ceiling lamp is a very excellent product in the field of green environmental protection.

Dimming ceiling lamp price is how many new bird’s nest round led ceiling lamp creative living room lamp modern simple study dimming restaurant master bedroom lamp, the reference price is generally about 75 yuan. Master bedroom lamp simple modern Nordic ceiling lamp LED restaurant study lamp electrodeless dimming remote control lighting, the reference price is generally about 70 yuan.

Bedroom ceiling lamp price is how many ultra-thin led ceiling lamp circular Nordic office lamp simple modern home balcony room master bedroom lamp, the reference price is generally about 40 yuan each. Led lamp ceiling lamp living room lamp rectangular simple modern bedroom lamp atmospheric round household hall lamp, the reference price is generally about 240yuan each.

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