Which brand of headlight is the best and super bright?

FENIX headlamp Fenix (Phoenix) is a leading brand of outdoor sports lighting, focusing on the R & D, manufacturing and sales of outdoor sports lighting tools, including flashlights, headlamps, bicycle lights and other series of products. At present, Fenix lighting products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Decathlon recommended model: FOR3 recommended reason: headlamp workmanship, the grade looks higher than other brands, red light first gear, white light second gear. Three batteries, rubber outsourcing is very tight, it is estimated that it can protect against rain. Good outdoor headlights, adults and children can take, the effect is still very good, cost-effective.

Blackdiamond recommended reason: mountain night used two hours, the light is not reduced, easy to operate, worthy of a big brand, played a great role at night, bright enough.

The headlight Fenix (Phoenix) brand is the brightest. Fenix (Phoenix) is the leading brand of outdoor sports lighting. The brand is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacture and sales of outdoor sports lighting tools. Products include flashlights, headlights, bicycle lights and other series.

The third editor recommends to you the led headlamp products produced by the new Laiyuan company. The Karen of this product can be adjusted freely, and a humanized design function is adopted, and the lamp holder can rotate freely.

Ledley God / Ledlenser was founded in Germany in 1993 to make a unique series of flashlights and headlamps in the world. As one of the global market leaders in the LED flashlight and headlamp industry, the frog-eye focusing zoom system created by Ledley / Ledlenser has greatly improved the beam quality of the flashlight.

Top ten brand headlamps

1. The top ten famous brand headlamps are OPPLE Opp Lighting, Rex NVC, FSL Foshan Lighting, OSRAM Osram, YANKON Sunshine Lighting, COMELY New Terry, Kang Ming, SUREFIRE Shenghong, Shengqiu Lighting SENQIU, Yuzhong Gaohong.

2. Guangdong Mei Commercial Air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd., ten brands of air energy water heaters, ten brands of central water heaters, ten brands of central air conditioners, and leading brands of air energy water heaters. Midea is a professional leader in the manufacture of air energy central hot water and central air conditioning products.

3. The list of the top ten famous brands of lithium electric headlamps is as follows: Yagar, Skyfire, Philips, Kang Ming, Shenhuo, Detective, Walson, Pathfinder, Mai Jishuo, Ruibao. Headlamp (headlamp), as the name implies, the lamp worn on the head is a lighting tool to liberate the hands.

4, LED lamp brand recommendation: Petzl headlamp Petzl from France, is a family work team. Its founder, FernandPetzl, is the father of current CEO PaulPetzl. FernandPetzl is a cave explorer who has been recorded in the annals of speleology, so the Petzl he founded also has a strong scholar demeanor.

5. Philips lighting national inspection-free products, one of the top ten lamps and lanterns brands.

What brand of headlights is good?

1. The top ten famous brand headlamps are: YANKON Sunshine Lighting, COMELY Sunshine, Kang Ming, Phoenix, Outdoor Black Hawk, Shengqiu Lighting SENQIU, Yuzhong Gaohong, OPPLE Opp Lighting, Rex NVC, FSL Foshan Lighting.

2. Shanlis: most of the headlights of this brand are also illuminated by LED, which saves electricity and can be used for a long time after being fully charged. In addition, its products can be waterproof up to IPX6, the general Rain Water can ignore, more suitable for outdoor hiking or camping use, you can understand.

3. Blue Mountain is a brand specializing in outdoor products. The main categories of headlights are fishing lights, super bright headlights, outdoor headlights, camping headlights, fishing lights, bicycle lights and so on.

4, the following brands: Yanni recommended model: YN-736 recommended reason: this lamp is really good, it is also convenient to wear, the night is the same as during the day, I do not know how much brighter than the general lamp, anyway, it is very good. It’s not heavy on the head, it’s convenient, it doesn’t need to be held by hand, and camping at night is also very good.

5, blackdiamond recommended reason: mountain night used two hours, the light is not reduced, easy to operate, worthy of a big brand, played a great role at night, bright enough.

Which brand is good for domestic studio lights?

Individuals have used Aishitu’s led, which should be quite good in China, with more varieties and good quality, but the price is more expensive than some domestic ones, but it still feels worth it.

At present, the domestic first-tier brands are: Pearl River, Mingdao, Caiyu, etc., and the second-tier brands are: Mayan Lighting, Xuan Tao, Night enchantment, etc., needless to say, the stage lighting quality of the first-tier brands is there, after all, it is suitable for some large-scale stage projects, such as the Spring Festival Gala.

Home-made Guangbao Golden Eagle Jinbei is not bad, other brands are average, but the prices of these brands are not low.

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