Get an answer! What is the difference between industrial lighting and commercial lighting?

1. The specification of industrial lighting is relatively high. General lighting focuses on the lighting effect, while industrial lighting is not urgent only focus on the lighting effect, more aimed at its use scene, such as coal plant ordinary lighting is definitely not good, the need for professional mine flameproof lighting; the port also needs professional waterproof and dustproof lighting.

2. The difference among consumer lighting, commercial lighting and engineering lighting is mainly in the application field of lighting. Consumer lighting generally refers to those lighting industrial consumer goods which are relatively fast in circulation, low in value and affordable in social life.

3. Being able to become an industrial lighting means that the quality should be better than that of ordinary lighting. In addition to high power and brightness, industrial lighting is better than ordinary lighting in terms of material and performance. More detailed comparison data can be viewed on the official website of Shangwei Lighting.

The difference between industrial disinfection lamp and household disinfection lamp

The biggest difference: when the light is not on, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is transparent and the purple lamp is purple. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp light can harm the eyes and give off the smell of potion.

The use of germicidal lamp is different from that of disinfection lamp. The biggest role of disinfection lamp is disinfection and sterilization, the use of rays to kill bacteria in the air, etc., to use quartz lamp or glass lamp transmittance not to weaken.

The household ultraviolet disinfection lamp is especially suitable for the disinfection of air and articles in nurseries, old people’s rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, because it has the function of timing switch or remote control switch, so that people are protected from UV damage during disinfection. Due to the strong germicidal power of ultraviolet rays, it is especially suitable for air-conditioned rooms or rooms with closed windows.

There is no difference between disinfection lamp car and disinfection lamp. According to the relevant information inquiry, disinfection light car and disinfection lamp rely on ultraviolet light tube to produce ultraviolet radiation to disinfect, some may only be the size of disinfection lamp has difference, disinfection principle is the same.

What is commercial lighting? What is the difference between commercial lighting and household lighting?

Commercial lighting mainly refers to store lighting, hotel lighting, supermarket lighting and so on, which is mainly used in the space environment of commercial applications, while household lighting mainly refers to household decoration lighting, and the lamps and lanterns used in the two applications are not the same.

The nature of modern commercial lighting is determined by the purpose of lighting, often in the means of rendering the atmosphere to use regional multi-point light sources, light and color space combination; home lighting: is an important part of indoor environment design, indoor lighting design should be conducive to human activities safety and comfortable life.

Commercial lighting mainly refers to the lighting products of shops, hotels, supermarkets and other commercial places. The use of commercial lighting can effectively attract customers and promote their desire to buy. As a professional commercial lighting company, Rixin Optoelectronics not only produces a full range of commercial lighting lamps and lanterns, but also has good lighting effect and reliable quality.

In commercial lighting, different areas, different locations, there will be different lighting requirements. In order to satisfy people’s psychology of shopping, commercial lighting should be designed according to different conditions, such as business type, geographical environment, building style, display method and so on.

Commercial lighting refers to commercial space environment lighting, including commercial lighting. Commercial lighting is mainly used in commercial space, and the products have different characteristics and differences compared with other types of lamps and lanterns.

Which LED fluorescent lamp accessories are good?

1. Shenzhen Langte Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 with an investment of 50 million yuan, a state-level high-tech enterprise and a professional LED fluorescent lamp manufacturer. Guangdong top 100 led lamp manufacturers, known as “excellent LED fluorescent lamp supplier”. Led by Shenzhen electronic experts, has a domestic LED lighting research and development team.

2. Philips Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd., founded in the Netherlands in 1891 to produce electric light bulbs, is a provider of Smart + connected LED lighting solutions whose ultra-high voltage palace lamps have revolutionized the history of lighting. The Chinese art.

3. Opp, Sanxiong laser and Leishi lighting are all fine. Many Zhongshan do not buy cheap is cheap and not durable, color temperature and so on are not good.

4. Which manufacturers of led fluorescent lamps are better generally, those of Jiangsu Yuexin Lighting and Shenzhen Darong Optoelectronics will be better. The former is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, sales and engineering services of led packaging and lighting.

5, Philips, Opp, Leishi Lighting, Foshan Lighting, Mulinsen Lighting and so on, quality assurance, but the price is also relatively high, if you do not consider the price can be purchased. Dongguan “Exley” is also quite good, cost-effective, quality clearance.

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