What does a complete set of street lighting engineering materials include?

1. Application for inspection of street lamp materials, including street lamp qualification certificate, inspection report, quantity list, technical parameters, etc. The inspection approval of street lamp installation shall be applied for inspection. Electrical conduit laying, inspection batch and concealment of electric wire piercing. Line resistance test record.

2. Photocopy of legal person ID card, original and photocopy of ID card of authorized representative. (if the legal person is directly involved, only the original ID card and photocopy of the legal person are needed.) the power of attorney for the use of supporting products shall be affixed with the official seal of the authorized unit. A copy of the qualification certificate of level 3 or above for professional contracting of urban and road lighting engineering shall be affixed with the official seal.

3. Construction plan the main engineering quantity of the lighting project in this section is shown in the table below. Lighting project arranges a comprehensive construction team to be responsible for the construction of the lighting project. The trenches are excavated manually, the cable pipes are laid (including protective pipes), and the cable pipes are laid smoothly. The bottom of the trough is compacted with electric rammer and layered backfill.

4. Arrangement of management personnel, machinery, labor force and construction period. Construction technical data: drawings will be reviewed jointly. Design changes, engineering visas, etc.

5. it mainly includes the installation of all kinds of cantilevered lights, square lights, high pole lights, courtyard lights and lighting components. The wiring of all kinds of lamp rack fittings has been comprehensively considered in the quota and will not be adjusted when in use. All kinds of lamp posts are covered with the corresponding piping and wiring quota.

What is craft lighting?

1. What is the craft wall lamp? Craft wall lamp is interior decoration lamps and lanterns, generally equipped with milky glass lampshade. The power of the light bulb is about 15-40 watts, and the light is elegant and harmonious, which can decorate the environment elegantly and richly, especially for the newlywed bedroom.

2. The price of a crystal ball like a crystal ball is 108 and 220 crystal balls are a different world! Therefore, when buying a light bulb, you should understand the nature of the light bulb and do not see more business proposals.

3. LED industrial and mining lamp is also called LED high shed lamp. Industrial and mining lamp is an important part of urban industrial lighting. The traditional industrial and mining lamp station lamp often uses 250W, 400W metal halide lamp. Metal halide lamp emits light at 360 degrees. The disadvantage of large light loss has caused a huge waste of energy.

4. In the last ten years, high brightness and panchromaticity have been the frontier topics in the research of LED materials and device technology. Super high brightness (UHB) refers to the LED whose luminous intensity reaches or exceeds that of 100mcd, also known as cd level LED.

5, household lighting from the birth of electricity appeared the earliest incandescent bulbs, and then developed to fluorescent tubes, and then to energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps, halogen tungsten lamps, gas discharge lamps and LED special materials lighting and so on, all lighting fixtures are mostly developed under the development of these light sources, such as from lamp holders to fluorescent lamp brackets to all kinds of process lighting and so on.

6. Construction technology 2.1 installation quality control points of complete sets of distribution cabinets, control cabinets, power and lighting distribution boxes. First of all, the corresponding grounding wires and protection lines should be set up in the installation of distribution cabinets, control cabinets, distribution boxes and other equipment. The complete set of distribution cabinets also need to check whether the handover box is connected correctly.

What is the construction technology of the lamp belt?

If it is a T5 lamp, then it is a screw fixed lamp bracket, then install the l if it is an ordinary LED lamp belt, then you can use a clip or double-sided paste; if it is a patch LED lamp belt, then it is OK to tear the film and stick it; in order to facilitate maintenance, it is recommended that you use item 3.

Paste the flexible light belt before the mounting surface to ensure that the safe surface is clean. Uncover the release paper with double-sided glue for flexible lamps, and it is strictly forbidden to tear off the release paper at one time. Press the flexible light belt close to the installation surface in order, and it is strictly forbidden to press the lamp.

Can buy this kind of light belt, generally can be affixed to the wall, and then choose the appropriate location, paste on it, the installation is still very convenient.

What does the division and arrangement of electrical lighting engineering include?

Electrical lighting engineering is mainly divided into: devices are mainly divided into power distribution devices, control devices and lamps; materials are divided into main materials and auxiliary materials.

The division of the building electrical subdivision includes: ① outdoor electrical; ② transformer and distribution room; ③ power supply trunk line; ④ electric power; ⑤ electric lighting installation; ⑥ backup and uninterruptible power installation; ⑦ lightning protection and grounding installation.

The divisions are as follows: outdoor electricity, transformer and distribution room, power supply lines, electric power, electric lighting installation, standby and uninterruptible power supply installation, lightning protection grounding installation.

Electrical line transformation: including replacement of old lines, upgrading of power distribution equipment, improvement of circuit wiring, etc. Lighting system transformation: including the replacement of efficient lighting equipment, the use of intelligent lighting control system, optimization of lighting layout and so on.

(2) Modern division according to GB50300-2013 “Unified Standard for Construction quality acceptance of Building Engineering”, relatively large construction projects can be divided into 10 branch projects, such as foundation and foundation, main structure, building decoration, roofing, building water supply and drainage and heating, ventilation and air conditioning, building electrical, intelligent building, building energy saving, elevator and so on.

The question you raised is quite general. A project is divided into many departments. The electrical sub-division project starts from the electrical part that it takes over. It can also be called the electrical division project, and the part that goes down is called the sub-division project. I can’t tell the difference. Consult the supervisor, and the supervisor will give you a satisfactory answer.

What are the techniques of lighting hardware?

1. The main processes of lighting hardware: turning, milling, planing, grinding, casting, forging, welding, stamping, spinning, carving, opening, drilling, tapping, pipe bending, tapping, grinding, polishing, electroplating and so on.

2. Clean up the residual silica gel from the plastic shell lamp holder and glass bulb, and then go to the hardware store to buy suitable silicone gel and glue it back. The same method can be used on plastic lamp rings. The plastic is a little flexible and easy to disassemble. Gently cut it around with a knife and then deal with it slowly.

3. Generally speaking, most of them use bulbs and fluorescent lamps. Energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, good lighting effect, earthquake resistance. The most common outdoor lighting hardware accessories are: sodium lamp (high and low sodium lamp), mercury lamp (low, high, ultra-high pressure mercury lamp). Home lighting hardware accessories are: Crystal lamp, stone lamp, glass lamp and so on.

4. There are many kinds of lamps and lanterns, taking ordinary incandescent lamps as an example. The structure of ordinary incandescent lamp is mainly composed of glass shell, filament, wire, sensing column, lamp holder and so on. The glass shell is made into a spherical shape, and the production material is heat-resistant glass, which isolates the filament from the air, which can not only transmit light, but also play a protective role.

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