How to set quota for LED Line Lamp

All LED lamps calculated by meters can be set with the quota of lamp belt. The concept of LED strip lamp: led wire strip lamp series is a high-end flexible decorative lamp, which is characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy to bend, maintenance-free and so on.

Set the quota according to the installation mode of the lamp. Such as LED ceiling lamp cover ceiling lamp quota, change the name and price of the main material.

The corresponding quota of lamps and lanterns. Take the corresponding quota of lamps and lanterns according to the installation mode and shape of led energy-saving lamps, and modify the main materials. If you set a quota, it depends on whether it is a ceiling light or a downlight; then take the corresponding quota subitems.

Question 6: how to set the quota for LED strip lamps? any LED lamp calculated by meters can cover the quota of the lamp belt.

LED wall washing lamp set lamp belt, floodlight can cover spotlight. Floodlight, English name: Floodlight floodlight is a kind of point light source that can illuminate uniformly in all directions, its irradiation range can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it appears as an octahedron icon in the scene.

Angle steel bracket can be applied to the relevant chapters of the steel structure, calculated by weight. For items not included in the quota, the budget maker is allowed to supplement the budget items in accordance with the preparation provisions of the budget quota. Please refer to the “supplementary budget base price table (or quota) fee reference table” in the quota. The quota varies from place to place, for reference only.

Introduction to the classification, price and matters needing attention of led soft strip lamp

1. The market price of led soft strip lamp is 3 yuan to 30 yuan / meter. (price source network, for reference only.) The above editor introduces how much the price of led soft strip lamp is, what things need to pay attention to when using led soft strip lamp, and what specifications and categories are available in the market for led soft strip lamp.

2. LED waterproof soft lamp strip refers to the assembly of LED on ribbon FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, their general models are about 5730, 5050, 3528 and other common types. The four-wire LED waterproof lamp has a bandwidth of about 22mm, a thickness of about 8mm, and a weight of about 0.25kg/m (4 meters per kilogram).

3, and led soft light strip can be divided into monochromatic light band, monochromatic dark light band, trichromatic light band, colorful light belt, and it is also very convenient for installation, but we must do a good job in waterproof work during installation, and lamps and lanterns should be reinforced outside the installation, and waterproof work should also be done at the interface.

4, LED strip lamp is a very simple product, the market appearance, structure, function are almost the same everywhere, but the price difference is very big. LED line lamp wire requirements: LED circuit board as the carrier of the light source directly affects the life and failure rate of lamps and lanterns.

5, if I guess right, what you want to know should be LED light bar, there are many kinds of LED light bar, can be divided into the following: LED hard light bar: there are LED3528 hard light bar, 5050 hard light bar, straw hat plug-in lamp hard light bar, there are 30 lights per meter, 60 lights per meter, 72 lights per meter, and so on.

How much is the exterior wall LED line light per meter?

The price of line lamp: 48 yuan, 50 yuan, 28 yuan, 26 yuan, 25 yuan, 38 yuan, 35 yuan, 110 yuan, 88 yuan, 80 yuan and so on. Because the line lights have the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption, maintenance-free, long life, easy to bend and so on, you can see the use of wire lights in many indoor buildings.

Is a low-resolution display screen, generally outdoor display resolution of more than 2500 points / square meters, the cost of 50-60,000 / square meters; indoor karaoke bar curtain wall lamp resolution 24X24 = 576 points / square meters, the cost of 3000-5000 yuan / square meters, can not be directly used outdoors.

The price varies with different styles. White light and green light are about 18 yuan more expensive per meter, color, red and blue are cheaper than 8 RMB15 per meter, and round ones are cheaper. Also use a LED lamp strip, the light source is SMD3528 per 5050 lamp beads, more expensive 20mur30 per meter.

Is the linear lamp 5 watts per meter enough?

If you calculate, it is a 3 watt suitable for about 2 meters, 5 watts is about 3 meters, depending on the area of your room, height, and the density of installation, it is more cost-effective to calculate the downlight. LED downlights can use different reflectors, lenses, blinds and bulbs to achieve different light effects.

not enough. Corridor induction lights are mostly between 15 watts and 20 watts, the wattage can make the lighting effect better. The power of 5 watts is too small, the power supply is insufficient, and the lighting effect of the induction lamp is not obvious.

The power consumption of linear lights is not very large, and it is very energy-saving. Now more and more people begin to use linear lights. Advantages: first, energy saving and pollution-free, ultra-low power consumption electro-optic power conversion close to 100%. Second, the service life is long, there is no filament luminous easy to burn, thermal deposition and other shortcomings.

It is also enough for underground garages to use 5-12 watt light bulbs, usually about 10 watts.

The brightness of the linear lamp is 13-15LM. The brightness of the linear lamp is not affected within 5 meters. Ordinary line lights will have an obvious pressure drop after 5 meters, and the color difference is very large. Even if it is a secondary power supply, there will be some color differences, and some power supplies on the market will even show obvious pressure at 3 meters.

What is the quotation of led lamp? what are the reasons for determining the quotation of LED lamp?

What factors cause the difference in the price of led lamps and lanterns wavelength generally speaking, the biggest advantage of wavelength is to determine the color of the object. The color of the lamps and lanterns of led light emitting tubes with the same wavelength is also the same. A lamp is usually composed of multiple led light-emitting tubes. If you choose a led tube with the same luminous wavelength, the cost will increase.

Medium lighting with some modeling LED lamp price is about 300yuan, it has a certain shape can be used in the indoor, office, in addition to its own lighting function and decorative function, can also be given as a gift to friends.

The factors that determine the price of LED lighting ① wavelength LED lighting wavelength will directly affect the important reason of LED lighting price factors. In general, if the wavelength of LED lighting is the same as the color of the light emitted by the light emitting tube, it means that the color of this LED lighting is pure and good, so it is worth buying.

The main reasons for the price difference of LED lamps and lanterns are: the difference of material cost. Such as the main materials selected by LED lamps and lanterns: LED lamp beads, LED drive power supply, radiator and so on. The gap between quality and the reliability of quality. The gap in the warranty period of quality and safety and reliability. Technical differences.

Low-cost LED lamp with some impurity aluminum die-casting or thin aluminum sheet or even plastic shell, the cost is low, the heat dissipation condition is very poor.

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