The light bulb has been broken for several days and there is no time to change it, but I forget whether the switch is on or off. If you open it and change it.

1. Turn off the light switch. If the switch status is uncertain, you can turn off the switch directly. If the switch looks in a mess, please operate it carefully or call a professional. Keeping the body and light bulbs dry and wearing tight rubber gloves will increase safety. Keep the distance from the metal part of the lamp neck as far as possible on the premise of ensuring stable grip.

2.) it can be measured with an electric pen. 3) you can unscrew the zipper lid and check directly to see if the copper on the roller is in contact with the spring. The contact is open and the contact is off. I hope my answer will help you.

Of course not, it will be very dangerous. When changing the light bulb, you should turn off the switch and keep a pair of insulated gloves at home, because there are many household appliances, so it is safe to wear insulated gloves if you have small problems to solve by yourself. Bulb replacement: the more common screw mouth light bulb! You’d better change this.

4. No need. Just turn off the switch. When operating, do not touch the metal parts. Keep the body and light bulbs dry and wear tight rubber gloves for safety. Don’t touch the metal parts. Test with an electric pen first. Switch refers to a relatively large power switch, leakage protection switch. Also known as a knife.

Is there any safety risk if the light bulb always burns out at home?

If the voltage is too high, the light bulb will not only burn out, but also explode and cause fire. If the voltage at home is unstable, you must ask a professional electrician to repair it. Before repairing the voltage, be sure to turn off all the electric valves at home.

It’s just that the burning of the light bulb will not affect other electrical appliances, unless there is a power outage caused by a short circuit, which will have an impact on the computer, but it generally has little impact, unless you win the lottery and burn out the hardware. but now it seems to be protected by a power outage.

First ask what kind of light source your home is, whether it is an ordinary tungsten bulb or an energy-saving lamp. If it is an ordinary tungsten filament bulb, if there is leakage, it will only be not bright or weak. If the light is very bright immediately before burning, the voltage should be too high. But if it’s just a little higher, it won’t burn.

It must be caused by the high voltage. The reason is that three-phase and four-wire supply electricity to the building, in which the phase load used in your home is very small, so in the case of total zero burn-out (open circuit), due to the large load of the other two phases, the voltage allocated to your home is much higher than 220V AC, causing your light bulb to burn out uniformly.

The electric light at home always burns out, which should be caused by poor contact with zero wire. It is recommended that you first measure the voltage to make sure that the voltage is normal, and then temporarily connect a zero wire from the outside, connect some lights, and see the results. In this way, the zero line can be excluded first.

What are the risk factors for changing corridor lights?

There is something wrong with the quality of the light bulb. Corridor lights are generally voice-activated, “switch” is too frequent is also a reason.

Corridor induction lights are not on, it is easy to fall, fall, hiding bad guys is not safe and other hidden dangers. Induction lamp is a new type of intelligent lighting product which automatically controls the lighting of the light source through the induction module.

When the LED lamp is damaged or cannot be used or the device is aging, the LED lamp should be replaced in time, the corresponding matching LED lamp should be replaced according to the sign provided by the instruction manual, the lamp with guaranteed quality should be selected, and the three no products should be selected, which will cause safety accidents.

Product problem: if it is a product quality problem, you can contact the manufacturer directly during the warranty period for replacement. If the warranty period has expired, there is no way but to buy a new induction lamp.

At 09:00, the voltage is only 180V and the voltage will reach more than 240V in the middle of the night, so the voltage varies from line to line. If the line load is light, the voltage will reach 260V.

What are the potential dangers of LED fluorescent lamps

Potential danger of using LED fluorescent lamps: lamps and lanterns must be used at predetermined voltage and frequency. All grounded lamps and lanterns must always check the wiring and grounding condition to prevent the danger caused by leakage.

There is mercury in fluorescent lamps (bad for environmental protection), dilapidated ones should be dealt with centrally. But under the fluorescent lamp, mercury can not come out, do not affect the human body. How can it be “harmful to the human body”? Fluorescent lamps are excited by ultraviolet light, and LED lamps with good light color are also excited by ultraviolet light.

LED has Blu-ray hazards, and qualified LED lamps produced by regular manufacturers are safe.

Many LED products boast about the brightness of LED lamps to a certain extent, for example, the brightness of LED lamps is 3 to 5 times higher than that of energy-saving lamps with the same power, while the brightness of actual LED lamps is only about 2 times that of energy-saving fluorescent lamps with the same power. When reading and studying, if you use LED lights with insufficient brightness, it will harm your eyesight. The strobe is serious.

LED fluorescent lamp has soft light and pure color, which is beneficial to people’s eyesight protection and health. LED fluorescent lamps are good for children’s eyes.

No, there is no ultraviolet light in the LED light, there is no radiation to the body, if the brightness is reduced, it will not affect sleep. LED light tube uses light emitting diode as light source, which has higher light efficiency, more energy saving, longer service life and more environmental protection. It has become the most ideal product to replace the fluorescent tube at the present stage.

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