What are the development prospects of led industry?

1.– countries have issued policies to support the development of LED lighting industry since the 21st century, global environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, countries around the world have paid more attention to environmental protection. LED lighting products have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, and become the first choice of countries all over the world.

2. The management of outdoor advertising is comprehensive and strict. The prospect of LED outdoor smart light pole screen is quite different from traditional paper advertising. Outdoor advertising is loved by advertising operators. Advertising operators can launch various forms of advertising outdoors according to different scenes and festivals. There is a wide market for outdoor advertising, but some drawbacks are slowly emerging.

3. Although China’s LED industry started relatively late, with the arrival of the 21st century, the national macro-economy continues to grow, and the LED industry is strongly supported by the government, LED technology has been an effective breakthrough, and the domestic LED industry has developed rapidly.

4. LED Outdoor Wisdom Lamp Pole screen becomes a New way for Government and Enterprise propaganda during the two sessions, it was proposed to strengthen the construction of new infrastructure such as intelligent products and 5g applications. And LED outdoor smart lamp pole screen belongs to the category of intelligent products.

5. The market prospect of LED is good, depending on whether you have the strength or not, and what is outstanding, that is to say: you either have economic strength or technical strength, if you do not have either of these two, just see the prosperity shown by the LED industry or others say that LED is good, you go to engage in LED, then avoid it.

What is the development trend of LED lighting industry in 2019?

In 2008, China’s LED lighting market reached 682.3 billion yuan, and the penetration rate of LED lighting products reached 76%. With the continuous expansion of intelligent lighting market, with the improvement of consumer requirements for lighting efficiency, personalized lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent lighting, as the most effective solution, will become the inevitable trend of the industry development.

The economic situation is good at night, with lighting engineering helping 60% of China’s consumption take place between 18:00 and 22:00, no exception in major cities. The rise of night economy is undoubtedly a great opportunity for lighting. The light is prepared for the night, the light messenger of the night.

The forward-looking Industrial Research Institute believes that in the next five years, the penetration rate of LED lighting may exceed 80%, and there is a lot of room for development. LED lighting industry should be more clearly aware of its own situation, at present, the three major difficulties in the LED lighting industry are restricting the development of LED lighting enterprises.

The development trend of led lighting lamps and lanterns now for our led lighting lamps, with the development of LED light sources, the use of LED lamps is becoming more and more popular. now in petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, the choice of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns have also turned to LED explosion-proof lamps.

The development trend of LED lighting: 1 LED is known as the fourth generation lighting source or green light source, which has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and small size, and can be widely used in various fields such as indication, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and urban night scene.

However, compared with the Yangtze River Delta region, many led packaging enterprises and accessories manufacturing enterprises are distributed in the Pearl River Delta region, which has a more perfect LED industry chain, so LED lighting enterprises are more distributed in the Pearl River Delta region.

What is the development of the market situation of led street lamps

According to the statistics of the “LED Industry Competition Analysis and Enterprise Competition Strategy Research report” released by the prospective Industrial Research Institute, the output value of China’s LED industry reached 636.8 billion yuan by 2017, an increase of 21% over the same period last year, with the rapid growth of upstream chips, the steady development of midstream packaging, and the rapid growth of downstream applications.

In addition, the development of Asia-Pacific LED market dominated by emerging economies is obviously better than that of European and American LED markets dominated by developed economies. In the Asia-Pacific LED market, the markets in East Asia, West Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania are developing better, but the South Asian market is greatly affected by the decline in the Indian market, which accounts for more than 60 per cent of the market.

By 2017, the scale of China’s LED lighting industry continued to expand, growing to 653.8 billion yuan, an increase of 235% over the same period last year, a significant rebound from the previous two years. According to the preliminary estimate, the scale of China’s LED lighting industry will reach about 784.6 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 20% over the same period last year.

On the whole, the macro environment is very favorable for the development of LED lighting applications, mainly as follows:

1) Energy conservation and emission reduction has become a global concern and has been actively promoted.

2) the growth of traditional light source technology is slow, and it is facing the bottleneck of development.

3) the technical progress and cost of LED lighting are decreasing continuously, and the long-term market obstacle is not big.

Domestic lighting field has formed certain characteristics, among which outdoor lighting has the fastest development, there are hundreds of LED street lamp enterprises and built dozens of demonstration roads, but the domestic large-size LCD backlight and automobile headlights still lag behind.

Therefore, the combination of LED and solar energy may be the inevitable way of lighting in the future. At present, there are few applications in this field, such as solar LED street lamp, solar LED corridor lamp, solar LED lawn lamp and so on.

The development background of intelligent street lamp industry?

1. The contents related to wisdom street lamps and wisdom lighting are all mentioned in the planning. Wisdom street lamps are an important part of the smart city, so I think the future of wisdom street lamps is very good.

2. Under this trend, the intelligent lamp pole industry has a broad development prospect and a blue sea in the future. From the point of view of enterprise / operator operation, smart lamp poles will generate a number of operating income, such as subsidies, installation, operation and maintenance, transportation, advertising, energy, base stations, data and so on.

3. Introduction to the background of Smart Street Lamps at present, the construction of smart cities is in full swing throughout the country. Smart cities improve urban public services and improve urban living environment through Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other technologies. Make the city more intelligent. The street lamp of wisdom is the product of the concept of smart city.

4. Intelligent lighting is becoming a new tuyere for the development of the industry, and the market prospect is broad.

Prospect of LED Lighting Industry

Since the 20th century Global environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent Countries all over the world have increased their environmental protection The degree of importance. LED lighting products have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. Has become the first choice for all countries in the world. All countries have issued corresponding industrial support policies to support the development of their LED lighting industry.

According to the statistical data of the prospective Industrial Research Institute report, the scale of China’s LED lighting industry has reached 120 billion yuan in 2010, and by 2012016, the scale of China’s LED lighting industry has exceeded 4000 yuan and 500 billion yuan respectively.

According to the analysis of the prospective Industrial Research Institute, the LED lighting market has always been regarded as the most important and promising application of LED.

In addition, LED lighting products still have a huge space for technological improvement, from the source of the chip to packaging to downstream lighting applications, future products will be more power-saving, life will be longer, will be easier to control, more intelligent, more personalized, so the LED lighting industry still has a long way to go, the prospect will be brighter and brighter.

China’s LED industry has formed a basically complete industrial chain, and has initially formed four regions: the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the northern region, Jiangxi and Fujian, each of which has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain, and more than 85% of LED enterprises are distributed in these areas.

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