What is the process of producing headlights?

Clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the headl cover the edges of the areas around the headlamp that do not need to be refurbished; use water sandpaper for polishing; remove the powder after polishing, and then dip the polishing wax with a towel and polish it in a circle. Fumigation, repair and renovation.

The reporting process of headlights generally refers to the process of reporting to the relevant departments or traffic police departments when other vehicles are found to be abnormal in the lighting of other vehicles.

The use of acrylic PMMA has the advantages of light weight, low price, easy molding and so on. Its forming methods include casting, injection molding, mechanical processing, thermoforming and so on. In particular, the injection molding, can be mass production, simple production process, low cost.

Car headlamp bulbs have been in use for a long time and are easy to aging or damage. many car owners hope to replace brighter bulbs to improve night lighting.

The steps are as follows: disassemble the headlamp and remove the oil, sweat and wax (silicon) on and around the lamp surface. Wipe as much as possible; polish, check the damage degree of headlamps (choose different types of sandpaper according to the depth of scratches); it will show that the polishing is smooth and clear.

LED lamps and lanterns manufacturing process?

1. Connect the controller: connect the positive pole of each string of LED to the positive (red line) end of the controller, and the negative electrode of each group of light emitting tubes to the negative (green line) control end of the controller. The three yellow lines are the output lines of the waterside lights, which are connected to the negative electrodes of three groups of side lamps respectively. The three positive electrodes of the side lamp are welded together with the positive electrodes of the main word.

2. Production process. Device count and measurement. Put all the purchased materials on the table or test-bed and count the devices one by one according to the production instructions. The resistance value of each resistance can be measured by the multimeter, and if not, the resistance value can be calculated through the resistance ring above the resistance.

3. Step 1 of the production process of Led energy-saving lamps: LED should choose high brightness, astigmatism should be above 1200mcd, angle should be 120 degrees, and concentrating type should be above 20000mcd.

4. The assembly process of led lamp includes: plug-in, tin dipping, foot cutting, testing, assembly, aging and packaging.

5. First of all, the tools that need to be prepared are pressure plates and plastic plates, and other insulation materials can also be used to replace these tools. Then choose your favorite words and burn them with one-sided adhesive tape, then paste them on the aluminum-plastic board, and then punch holes.

LED production process

Clean aluminum tube: 1 check whether the aluminum tube is strained, wipe the aluminum tube with alcohol, stick double-sided glue to dry the alcohol. After the homework is finished, gently push the homework to the next station. 2 paste double-sided glue: 1 check whether the aluminum tube is strained, wipe the aluminum tube with alcohol and dry the alcohol.

In contrast to dispensing glue, glue preparation uses a glue preparation machine to apply silver glue on the back electrode of LED, and then install the LED with silver glue on the back on the LED bracket. The efficiency of glue preparation is much higher than that of dispensing, but not all products are suitable for glue preparation process.

To make small lights with light-emitting diodes or LED lights, you need power and light-emitting diodes or LED lights, as well as resistors and wires.

Series connection: LED is welded in series by + -, + -,. + -, +-to produce a positive electrode (marked A +) and a negative electrode (marked K -). The connection of the lamp leg needs to be welded with tin, or it can be screwed together and then welded. Remember: be sure to weld.

What is the technological process of lighting processing? could you please list it?

The production process of lamps and lanterns includes processing technology and decoration technology. Processing technology is the means to realize modeling, while decoration technology is the condition of perfect modeling. In the whole production process, processing technology and decoration technology are the synthesis of production and processing art, technology and technology, and they must combine, infiltrate and promote each other.

Lighting customization requires full communication between consumers and designers, and be sure to inform designers of their interests and overall decoration style. in this way, the designer can work out a reasonable lighting customization plan according to the actual situation of the room.

First of all, you need to check whether the relevant certification of the lamp is complete. (2) Rapid determination of LED street lamp quality LED street lamp is mainly composed of light source, power supply and radiator. The quality of materials and the technology of application directly affect the price of street lamp. Testing from the point of view of data, quickly evaluate the raw materials and technology of LED lamps and lanterns, and judge the quality of LED lamps and lanterns.

The crystal ball comes out on the grinder. First of all, a cup with a crystal ball is put into the grinder. When it comes out, it becomes a crystal ball, which is usually ground manually. 2. The crystal ball is made of natural crystal column, and the manufacturing process is not easy.

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