What is the illuminance of the workshop before it is judged to be qualified?

1. Illuminance requirements of class C workshop: the illuminance standard of ultra-precision operation, design, drawing and precision inspection is 3000-1500. The standard of design room, analysis, assembly line and painting illuminance is 1500-750. The illuminance standard of packaging, metering, surface treatment and warehouse office is 750-300.

2. The standard values of illuminance in different places vary from 50lx~750lx. Please refer to the “Building Lighting Design Standard” GB50034-2004 illuminance specification, you can get the place illuminance standard value you want.

3. Mixed lighting. It means that the illuminance on the working face is illuminated by general lighting and local lighting, in which the illuminance of general lighting should account for 10% of the total illuminance. According to the investigation of the compilation group of “Code for Design of Clean Workshop”, the statistics of the minimum illuminance considered suitable for the work are made, and the result is slightly higher than that of 150lx.

4. The general machining tolerance is greater than 0.1ax 0.75plane 300LX, and the precision machining tolerance is less than 0.1max 0.75plane / 500LX. Basically consistent with German standards.

What are the architectural lighting design standards?

According to the standard of architectural lighting design, the domestic lighting design is generally divided into two stages, the architectural design institute completes the basic lighting of the construction project, and some professional companies contract the design of large halls, venues and landscape lighting.

Residential buildings have natural lighting of stairwells and walkways. In addition to emergency lighting, energy-saving self-extinguishing switches should be used. The number of light sources controlled by each lighting switch should not be too large. The number of lights in each room should not be less than 2 (except for those with only one light source).

It mainly stipulates the lighting standard value, lighting quality and lighting power density of residential, public and industrial buildings. The Standard for Architectural Lighting Design may need to be partially revised in the future, and the information and provisions about the partial revision will be published in the Journal of Engineering Construction Standardization.

What is the price of campus lights?

1. Online Price: 500 supermarket Price: 500 Philips Xinghe Table Lamp (40W) desk lamp specially designed for middle school students: lively and lovely shape, convenient and simple adjustment; lamp body sprayed by polymer matte; colorful, bright jump. Specification: there are four colors: pink purple, pink blue, rice white and pink.

2. Different lamps and lanterns will have different prices due to different designs and materials. the general market price fluctuates from 200 to 300. If you want to know more, you can log on to Nilong to consult experts.

3, since you want to buy high-power led lights, you need to have a certain understanding of its price and brand knowledge. The following editor introduces the relevant knowledge for you.

How appropriate is the illumination of the light?

1, how much illuminance is appropriate 2 the illuminance requirements of office lights: according to the national standard “Architectural Lighting Design Standard” GB 50034, 2004, ordinary offices, illuminance 300 lx, high-end offices, illuminance 500 lx

2, the brightness of the lamp, generally speaking, the normal light brightness under reading conditions should reach more than 300Lx, while the ordinary indoor lighting generally has only 100Lx, so table lamps should be used when reading at night to increase the brightness of the light. In terms of subjective feeling, when reading, we must feel that the lighting of the book is very bright, which can meet the standard.

3. Illuminance requirements of office lights: according to the national standard “Architectural Lighting Design Standard” GB 50034Mir 2004, ordinary offices, illuminance 300 lx, high-grade offices, illuminance 500 lx.

4, generally speaking, the brightness of the table lamp in the range of 25-40 degrees is better for the eyes, and the incandescent lamp in this brightness range is often called the eye-protecting table lamp. At the same time, this brightness can also effectively ensure the lighting effect of 400-700 lux, which can ensure your normal use.

5. According to the architectural lighting design standard, the overall illuminance requirement of the bedroom is 75, (illuminance = luminous flux / area), the bedroom of 20 square meters needs 1500 luminous flux, and the ceiling lamp of 36W bedroom is just right. In addition, floor lamps or wall lamps can be installed at the head of the bed, which can be used as reading and night lights to supplement higher brightness.

6. The lighting standard of the reading room for the elderly is 500lx. The editor concludes: this is the end of the introduction to the indoor lighting brightness standard. When we are in the lighting layout, we need to consider not only the lighting standard, but also the glare value, color rendering index, lighting uniformity and other aspects.

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