21 autumn and winter lighting fashion trend

The third part of creative lighting: fly up the branches. Popular trend: natural charm.

Popular trend one: simple structure, fine workmanship, bright colors now, the trend of home decoration lamp design is becoming more and more simple structure, fine workmanship, bright colors, just as we see more and more Italian furniture landing in Beijing, their design style is very modern.

Trend 2: intelligent living room lighting design secondly, intelligent era has come, smart home will gradually become a new way of life advocated by more people, intelligent lighting will also become an irreversible trend.

It is easy to deform when heated. Glass, ceramic lighting life is also relatively long, the material itself is also more fashionable. At present, the green materials on the market are also concerned by domestic and foreign designers, such as paper materials and so on. Green material is the basis of green product design. The research and development of green material is helpful to the development and promotion of green product.

Lighting and clothing, what are the advantages of lighting in the development of the catering industry!

1, restaurant lights to meet the basic lighting at the same time, pay more attention to create a kind of dining atmosphere, set off warm, romantic home atmosphere, therefore, should try to choose warm tone, can adjust the brightness of the lamp source, and not in order to save electricity, blindly choose energy-saving lamps like fluorescent lamps with cold white light.

2. There are many kinds of lamps and lanterns on the market. Chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lights and downlights can be used as restaurant lights.

3. The advantage of the pendant lamp is that the height can be adjusted according to your own needs, and you can simply adjust its length according to your needs. Lighting a table lamp is the easiest way to illuminate your restaurant. Table lamps are the most convenient restaurant lamps because they can be moved at will.

4. the gaudy restaurant lighting can not add flowers, but gilding the lily, resulting in electricity consumption, energy waste and economic loss, and even light environment pollution and damage to health.

5. When choosing the lighting schemes of high-grade clubhouse lighting, star hotel lighting, high-grade catering lighting, real estate model room lighting and villa lighting, many of them need lighting customization, which is difficult to adapt to the style, size, and personalized needs of the space.

What’s the prospect of opening a lighting store?

1. The profits of ordinary lamps and lanterns have become more and more transparent in recent months, and you can choose lanterns, whose profits are as high as 100%, 300%, but the risk is high, so you can do wholesale lamps and lanterns. To open a county-level store to remove the rent, a purchase of 10-200000 is enough. One: lamps and lanterns are the general name of lighting tools, which are divided into chandelier, table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp and so on.

2. If you are starting a business and have insufficient working capital, you can try to apply for a loan. At present, there are many credit platforms that help the cash flow of small and micro enterprises. Remember that you must choose a formal platform, such as Lesser Fullness of Grain Finance, where the quota is high and the interest rate is low. As far as we know, 70% of the credit users of Lesser Fullness of Grain Finance are small and micro business owners. Big brands are more secure.

3. If you do well, you must make money, and if you sell lamps and lanterns, physical stores are easier to do than online stores.

Future Development trend of Lighting Industry

With people’s attention to energy saving and environmental protection and the increasing demand for intelligence, the market of LED lamps and lanterns will continue to grow in the next few years. At the same time, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, the demand for high-end and intelligent lamps and lanterns will gradually increase. Therefore, the development prospect of the lamp industry is very broad.

Back to the old road of scale-capitalization-intensification, constantly promoting the spiral rise of the lighting industry. At present, the lighting industry is in the excessive direction of scale to capitalization, in order not to engulf it in the next few years, small and medium-sized dealers and manufacturers can only develop in the direction of professional market, through market segmentation to mismatch competition.

In the second half of 2008, with the introduction of stimulus policies, market demand will improve. Looking forward to the future, the lighting industry will pay more attention to the light quality of products (such as high light efficiency, high color rendering, R9 value and color tolerance) and intelligence. therefore, it is estimated that by 2027, the global market size of LED lighting industry will reach 275 billion US dollars.

I think there is a lot of room for the development of the lighting industry. In the future, the development trend of lighting industry is to be intelligent, digital, green, healthy and people-oriented. Companies will focus more on market segments such as intelligence and health, and there is still a chance if they want to dig deeper.

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