IP65 In electrical equipment, this parameter is very common, but as a blogger of LED lighting technology, why introduce IP65 led light ?

This is easy to explain, because LED Light belongs to electrical equipment, as long as it is electrical equipment will involve a parameter: waterproof.

Then IP65 is a term in waterproof parameters, today I will take you to understand IP65 in detail.

1. What is IP65?

1.1 What is “IP”?

First, let’s understand the “IP” in IP65.

This IP is not the IP address we usually say, the full name of the IP here is: ‘Ingress Protection’, which is used to measure the ** protection level of the item against dirt, sand and liquids.

Seeing here, do we correct our usual understanding of IP65, not only the waterproof level.

IP Now we know what it means, so what does the number “65” mean after that?

1.2 What is “65”?

The IP rating consists of two numbers:

IP65 led light

The first range is: 0 – 6, which measures how well the equipment protects against solid objects such as debris, sand, dirt and dust. 0 means the device is not protected from hard objects, while 6 means the device is highly safe and not affected by solid objects.

The second range is 0 – 9, where 0 means the device is not protected from liquid, and 9 means high level of waterproof protection or the device is waterproof.

In the case of IP65, the first number indicates an IP rating of 6, which means that the device is rugged and no dust enters. Therefore, the device is suitable for use in places where there are large amounts of moving objects such as dust, dirt or debris. The second number has an IP rating of 5, which means it protects against water jets at any angle.

Therefore, this means that IP65 is not waterproof and is not suitable for immersion in water. Therefore, this means that IP65 is not recommended for swimming or showering. Water can leak and eventually damage the device, which does not provide a water damage warranty.

2. Detailed explanation of IP rating

Above we briefly introduced the meaning of the two numbers of IP rating, but did not go into detail, even if we analyzed the protection of IP65, but, where to change a number, we may not know what it means, let’s talk in detail about what each level means.

2.1 First number: dust resistance

Range: 0-6

dust resistance

2.2 Second number: water resistance

Range: 0-9

water resistance

IP ratings, or ingress protection, are set by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and are most widely used in Europe and Asia, and since these are international standards, tests are usually certified by TUV rather than UL, although both offer rigorous testing. One aspect to note is that while these were developed to cope with harsh environments, they do not address UV protection standards (outdoor) and engineers should look for or ask if enclosures are capable of containing UV protection materials.

3. Summary

This article mainly introduces IP65, which seems to be a very familiar parameter, most of us think that it is a waterproof parameter, but after today’s article, you will definitely not forget the meaning of this parameter, but also explained the detailed meaning of each number of IP rating, I hope this article will help you, if you have any questions, welcome to discuss with me in the comment area below!

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