What does the non-standard project of the hotel mean?

The so-called “non-standard” in engineering construction is relative to the “national standard”, that is, the “national standard”. Those who do not meet the “national standard” are “non-standard”.

“non-standard equipment” is non-standard equipment, which is not manufactured in accordance with the unified industry standards and specifications promulgated by the state, but designed and manufactured according to the needs of its own use. A device whose appearance or performance is not in the national equipment product catalog.

Non-standard housing refers to ‘non-standard housing’ and ‘short rental housing’. Non-standard housing (short-term rental housing) is a daily housing rental, compared with The Legacy Hotel, it has a higher performance-to-price ratio, a sense of home, and more flexible and private.

What are the types of engineering lamps

1. Artistic effects lamps and lanterns mainly include: metal halide lamp, sodium lamp, LED spotlight, LED wall washing lamp, LED bar lamp, LED display screen, underwater lamp, lawn lamp and so on: light is emitted through the lamp, of which 90% of the luminous flux reaches the assumed working face, which is direct lighting.

2, for local lighting there are ordinary bulbs and mobile “working hand lamp”; for small area lighting of general iodine tungsten l for large area lighting, now generally use “dysprosium lamp” (belong to gas discharge lamp), it generally has 1KW and 5KW two kinds of more practical, its advantages are: high power, but high energy efficiency.

3. Suspended lamps and lanterns: lamps and lanterns suspended from the ceiling or wall bracket with rope, chain, pipe, etc. Lifting suspension lamps and lanterns: suspension lamps and lanterns that can be adjusted by pulleys and balancing hammers. Embedded lamps and lanterns: lamps and lanterns that are safely or partially embedded in the mounting surface. Ceiling lamps: lamps and lanterns installed directly on the surface of the ceiling.

4. Buried lamp is widely used in landscape lighting, such as landscape structure, small items, plants and hard road surface. When the color temperature of buried lamp is controlled at 2000-6500K, it will not affect the growth of plants.

What does Oriental Lighting mean?

1. Oriental lighting new European-style all-copper villa chandelier 1489 yuan its suckers and hooks are all made of copper products, and there can also be classical gorgeous patterns above, so that the whole lamp presents a kind of ancient and simple breath, showing a kind of atmosphere and noble temperament.

2. Oriental Lighting: Oriental Lighting was founded in August 1984 and is located in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. New Terry Lighting: new Terry has formed a long-term design R & D strategic partnership with European professional design institutions, and the cooperation between the two sides is becoming a model of strong cooperation between the world’s top lighting design institutions and excellent manufacturing enterprises in the industry.

3. Opal Lighting Opal Lighting was established in 1996, and it is one of the well-known lighting enterprises in China. Opu Lighting Sanitary Ware the ancient town of Zhongshan City. It is also a well-known trademark in China. Oriental Lighting was founded in 1984. After years of development, the quality of its products has been certified.

4. Oriental Oriental Lighting is also a well-known lighting brand in Zhongshan, and there are many main lighting series. Crystal lights and guest room lights can be said to be strong points. Its lighting sells well in more than 100 countries, such as Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and so on. High quality, new style and well received by users at home and abroad.

5. Oriental Lighting Oriental Lighting Company was established in 1984. After more than 20 years of development, Oriental Lighting Brand products have been sold well in Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, Russia, Japan and South Korea and many other countries and regions. In the industry and even in the national table, the Dongfang Lighting Brand has won praise in the hearts of the spenders.

Is the table lamp standard or non-standard?

1. Non-standard engineering lamps do not meet the general lighting standards and need to be customized beyond the type of household lighting. Engineering lamp, referred to as mercury sodium gold, mercury lamp, sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, the price is from low to high. There are obvious differences in light efficiency from low to high.

2. Standard: generally refers to a product with similar function or the same appearance, and there is not much difference between the product and the product. Such as diapers, paper towels, folders and other practical tool types are standard. Non-standard goods: there are many styles or functional differences. Such as clothes, bags and other products.

3. Standard products refer to standardized products, which can have clear models, such as notebooks, mobile phones, electrical appliances, cosmetics and so on. Non-standard products refer to: non-standard products can not be standardized classification of products, such as clothing, shoes and so on.

4. For consumers, the choice of standard or non-standard products needs to be judged according to their own needs and budget. In some occasions where the quality requirements are not high and the price is sensitive, you can choose the standard products, while in the occasions where there are strict requirements for quality and function, you need to choose non-standard products.

5. Difference: the standard product has a clear model, while the non-standard product is a non-trademark product that is not in the national equipment product catalogue. The so-called standard is that there are clear specifications and models. For example, Apple phones are sold only by models such as iphone4s and 5c, and there are different submodels such as 8G, 16G and 32G under each model.

6. First of all, the standard product has strong function and consumers like the product with practical effect. A standardized product can have a clear model. For example: kitchen appliances, mobile phones. The function of non-standard products is weak, more to attract consumers with style, no standardization, no unified standard products.

What is the non-standard engineering lamp?

1. Engineering lamps and lanterns refer to the customization of specific lighting products according to the actual needs of the project to play a decorative effect. It usually includes hotel engineering lighting, non-standard lighting, clubhouse lighting, KTV lighting, villa lighting, model room lighting, lobby lighting, outdoor lighting and other custom lighting.

2. The non-standard lamp of the engineering hotel creates a romantic, warm and elegant living environment for the family. Beauty and fashion coexist, quality and environmental protection embrace each other, leading the trend of modern lighting. At the same time, it has a wealth of design and production experience in engineering customization. Is a second-tier brand, first-tier brands are Philips, Osram, Panasonic.

3. High scientific and technological content, green environmental protection and energy saving, low failure rate. Jiangnan Feiou Lighting Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of traditional crystal lights, hotel non-standard engineering lights, living room crystal lights, restaurant chandeliers, bedroom ceiling lights, European crystal lights, modern simple crystal lights, personality lamps, restaurant ceiling lights, aisle lights and other products.

4. Hotel non-standard engineering lights, living room crystal lights, restaurant chandeliers, bedroom ceiling lights, European crystal lights, modern simple crystal lights, personality lamps, restaurant ceiling lights, aisle lights and other products professional production and processing companies, has a complete and scientific quality management system.

5. “non-standard” means “not made according to the standard”. General products, in order to be common with other products, (this is for the convenience of use and maintenance), have their own production standards. For example, we often use the “screw” must be standard parts, you go to any store to buy the same specification of screws, can be universal.

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