How to repair when the kitchen flat panel led light is off?

1. Kitchen lamps and lanterns led flat light is broken: use a word screwdriver to turn on the LED bulb along the metal screw port and the bulb joint, and then check and replace the electrical components. If the LED lamp is in series, so one is not bright, then all are not bright; need to change the light source, change the light source should pay attention to the light source voltage range, to buy the same voltage light source.

2. At this time, open the LED bulb along the metal screw port and the bulb joint with a word screwdriver, and then check and replace the electrical parts. If the individual does not understand, it is best to contact a professional master for maintenance, so as not to increase the degree of damage.

3. If the first light bead is not on, please replace the LED bulb or LED transformer. If the first light, please use the white line to push down, because the LED light string is in series, so one does not light all, the bad lamp bead center will have a black spot, it is recommended to replace the broken lamp bead.

4. The common faults and maintenance of the led lamp are as follows: the solder joint of the LED lamp strip has the phenomenon of virtual welding, and the vibration in the transportation process causes the solder joint to fall off and the lamp belt is not bright. The quality of solder is not good, and the solder joint of LED lamp strip is easy to crack and fall off in the process of bending.

5. Open it and have a look. If there is a glimmer of light on the light, you can find out if there is a single LED without light, and the one without light is burnt out. Turn off the light first, and then find a short line to connect the two ends of the LED, and the lamp can continue to be used. Another case is that the drive power supply is broken, so change to the corresponding driver power supply.

6. So the voltage you measure will be slightly higher than the rated voltage. For emergency maintenance, you can use the resistance file of the meter multimeter with built-in 3V battery or use 4-5V power supply to add current limiting resistance to detect the lamp beads on the LED lamp board one by one, and use the wire to short circuit the damaged LED spot welding. Of course, it is best to replace the whole LED lamp board.

What if the led light is broken?

The common faults and maintenance of led lights are as followsThere is a phenomenon of virtual welding in the solder joint of LED lamp strip.The vibration in the process of transportation causes the solder joint to fall off and the lamp belt is not bright. The solder quality is not goodThe phenomenon of brittleness and shedding is easy to occur in the solder joint of LED lamp strip during bending.

First kindLed bulb is broken, simply do not need to repair, you can not repair, re-buy led bulb to change into their own line, this kind of situation is usually a chandelier with a lampshade.

Before turning on the LED light, measure the voltage of the power supply and the current flowing through the LED, then take it apart and check all the key parts: the driver or power supply, the LED lamp beads, and replace all the broken lamp beads. Find out the cause of the damage to the LED lamp beads, and reduce the driving current immediately if it is overcurrent.

The repair methods for broken led lights are as follows:First of all, we can replace the power driver of a led lamp, for this power adapter, we can buy the same model. Then remove the wires connected to the left and right, then replace the drive, and see if it can be lit properly. The second is to change the lamp beads.

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