Is Baoding Great Wall Jiaozhuang Lamps Factory tired? What’s the main thing?

I am a front-line worker in the Jiaozhuang Great Wall-Mande optoelectronic workshop, engaged in lamp assembly work. Now the workshop team forces the front-line staff to complete the original 10-hour 550 production capacity within 8 hours. If not, the monitor will wear small shoes.

I’m not tired. Wire harness and lamp workshops are basically female workers, and men will be recruited if they are tired.

I’m tired. It is responsible for internal and external decoration new material research, material development, material technology shelf construction and maintenance, material approval list establishment and maintenance, material standards and requirements book compilation and revision, material VAVE, material problem solving.

Tired. LED lamps and lanterns factory also belongs to the electronics factory, if it is an indoor lamp factory, such as LED tubes, ceiling lights, these are relatively easy, are assembly line production, but long-time work is very hard. Jiujiang in Jiangxi generally refers to Jiujiang. Jiujiang, referred to as “Xun”, was called Chaisang, Jiangzhou and Xunyang in ancient times. Jiangxi Province has jurisdiction over prefecture-level cities.

Tired. Most of them go to work standing up, foot pain, low back pain, but can bear it, lighting factory, Taicang lamps and lanterns factory is divided into several types of work, randomly assigned, some turn on, standing to work is still very tired. Taicang City, under the jurisdiction of county-level cities in Jiangsu Province, is hosted by Suzhou City.

Encounter legal holidays. When others let it go for three or four days, he just let it go for one day. At the end of a year. Do more work than other workshops for a month. Far from home. I can’t even go back if I want to go back. I don’t want to earn this overtime pay, because I’m too tired. If you want to rest, you can’t rest. You can’t go home even if you want to.

What are the female employees of led lights doing in there?

Packing area. Led lamp factory is divided into assembly line and logistics production line. According to the statement of led lamp factory, the work of packing area in led lamp factory is easier than that of other areas. It is mainly responsible for loading the led lamp into the prescribed box.

It looks good. In the led lamp factory, when the operator mainly installs, debugs and manages the lamps and lanterns, and arranges the lighting equipment and lighting configuration needed for the plot, it is simple and easy to do. In led light factory when the operator works 8 hours a day, do not need to work overtime, work fast, work pressure is also low, very easy to do.

To work in a lighting factory. What do we do? it depends on what the lighting factory does. Lighting is not the same work, lighting factory is how to work the factory assembly line independent design. Process parts, assemble and pack. Small factories go to the accessories market or accessories factory to buy ready-made popular accessories, go back to assemble and pack.

How to be a good director of a lamp factory? what is the specific work?

To be the leader of the implementation system, every enterprise needs rules and regulations to guide its operations. the formulation and implementation of these rules and regulations is the responsibility of the managers. naturally, companies and leaders also want their employees to abide by these rules and regulations. these rules and regulations should help enterprises to achieve results and help employees complete their work.

Positive attitude do not bring negative information to work, do not send bad information to Weibo, Wechat, but learn to digest bad information, adhere to a positive attitude, see the sun. To maintain a positive attitude is also to convey positive energy to subordinates.

. be responsible for the daily and administrative management of the plant, and be responsible to the general manager. 2. Be responsible for the working status of the staff of the whole plant and direct the normal and orderly operation of production. 3. Responsible for organizing the formulation of the rules and regulations of the whole plant, and supervise the implementation.

The duties of the factory director are: responsible for the production management of the whole company, mainly responsible for the scientific operation of the whole production link, safety in production, quality control, and responsible for the effectiveness of management.

The factory director (Factory director) is responsible to the boss of the company and is responsible for directing and coordinating the overall operation of the company.

The abilities that a good factory director should have are as follows: overall planning ability refers to the ability of insight into things, work planning, integration and coordination and creative thinking. Understand the work or process of your vertical or horizontal department. Vertical refers to the upper and lower levels or upstream and downstream. Horizontal refers to the same level or parallel business units.

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