What is the function of industrial lighting anti-glare lamp?

1, anti-glare lamp features: anti-glare function: transparent parts select advanced lighting optical principles to optimize the design, the light is uniform, soft, no glare, no ghosting, effectively avoid discomfort and fatigue of construction workers.

2. Its effect is to improve the clarity and energy of the picture, reduce the reflection of the screen, and make the image more clear and realistic. It’s also a good effect. The anti-glare tube lamp allows viewers to enjoy better visual effects. The anti-glare glass reduces the reflectivity of the glass surface by ≤ 2%, light transmittance ≥ 80, and glossiness ≥ 60.

3. Anti-glare refers to effectively reducing the phenomenon of bad lighting. “glare” is a bad lighting phenomenon, which will produce “glare” when the brightness of the light source is extremely high or the background brightness is large, and the center of the field of vision is large. Glare not only affects eyesight, but also affects eyesight health. Anti-glare is an effective way to reduce this effect.

4. Anti-glare lamp, no glare, no ghosting, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, energy saving, safety and reliability. Understanding of the advantages of anti-glare tube lamp the performance characteristics of anti-glare lamp also have anti-glare function: the transparent parts are optimized by advanced lighting optical principles, the light is uniform, soft and special feminine.

What is the glare of lighting? What are the measures to control glare?

To increase the installation height of the light source, the deep illumination lamp is to increase the installation height of the light source in order to increase the shading angle under the condition that other structures remain unchanged. Conventional lamps and lanterns + cross anti-glare lamps and lanterns shading angle, cross anti-glare grille is mainly to block the light in both vertical and horizontal directions.

There are two main measures to control the direct glare of indoor lighting: one is to select the appropriate transparent material, which can be made of diffuse material or surface made of a certain geometric shape, opaque material to shield the high brightness light source. The second is to control the shading angle of the lamps and lanterns to be less than the prescribed shading angle.

Glare pollution simply means that the discomfort caused by the adaptive lighting of our visual field is much larger. On the other hand, the strong brightness contrast in the field of vision makes people feel uncomfortable, such as dazzling, dizziness, etc., is the glare. The direct effect of glare is that our eyes feel uncomfortable and tired more easily.

Which LED has a good sunshade?

Led fluorescent lamp which manufacturers are better overall, Jiangsu Yuexin Lighting and Shenzhen Darong Optoelectronics these two companies will be better. The former is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, sales and engineering services of led packaging and lighting.

Sunshine Lighting (China well-known trademark, China famous brand, top ten brands of energy-saving lamps, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang Sunshine Group Co., Ltd.) Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975, formerly known as Shangyu Light bulb Factory, changed into a joint stock company in 1996.

Shenzhen Langte Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, invested 50 million yuan, national high-tech enterprises, professional LED fluorescent lamp manufacturers. Guangdong top 100 led lamp manufacturers, known as “excellent LED fluorescent lamp supplier”. Led by Shenzhen electronic experts, has a domestic LED lighting research and development team.

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