What are the ways of lighting? How many kinds of lighting are there?

1, general lighting, the use of light source is larger, efficiency is also very high, mainly used for living room or bedroom and other areas of the top lights, to meet the basic lighting needs of these areas.

2. ⑥ art lighting: art lighting is the lighting of a specific space atmosphere through the use of different lamps, different projection angles and different light colors. Lighting methods can be divided into: general lighting, zone general lighting, local lighting and mixed lighting.

3. Lighting mode refers to the basic mode formed by lighting equipment according to its installation position or use function. Yang / Light / Illumination / Ming divides it into general lighting, zonal general lighting, local lighting and mixed lighting.

4. The standard lighting types can be divided into five types: normal lighting, emergency lighting, duty lighting, guard lighting and obstacle lighting. Emergency lighting includes backup lighting, safety lighting and evacuation lighting. Lighting can be divided into three types: general lighting, regional general lighting and local lighting.

5. Zone general lighting: general lighting for a particular area, such as the place where work is carried out, designed with different illuminations to illuminate the area; local lighting: lighting for specific visual work and set for illuminating a local area; hybrid lighting: lighting consisting of general lighting and local lighting.

6. The lights of courtyard lighting can be divided into lawn lights, pool lights and garden path lights according to their different positions. Lawn lamp is generally installed at the edge of the lawn, using this to show the sense of space of the lawn, is a very good decorative lamp.

What is the construction technology of the lamp belt?

If it is a T5 lamp, then it is a screw fixed lamp bracket, then install the l if it is an ordinary LED lamp belt, then you can use a clip or double-sided paste; if it is a patch LED lamp belt, then it is OK to tear the film and stick it; in order to facilitate maintenance, it is recommended that you use item 3.

Paste the flexible light belt before the mounting surface to ensure that the safe surface is clean. Uncover the release paper with double-sided glue for flexible lamps, and it is strictly forbidden to tear off the release paper at one time. Press the flexible light belt close to the installation surface in order, and it is strictly forbidden to press the lamp.

Fixed, because the lamp belts are installed in our ceiling grooves, so the way of installation is very simple. For example, our more common LED light belt, most of their backs are self-adhesive tape. We can just use its self-adhesive tape to paste directly into the groove. The connection of the light belt.

What are the installation methods and installation skills of lamps and lanterns?

1, ceiling lamp installation method (1) the ceiling lamp fixed the chassis on the roof, draw the drilling position according to the fixed position, and use the impact drill to make a hole in the position to be installed.

2. All diffuse type. It glows into the surrounding space using a transparent material lampshade that diffuses or presses a prism on the surface. When working, the light source in the lampshade cannot be seen, and the upward light illuminates the walls and ceilings. Therefore, the indoor use of light ceilings, lighting on the ceiling of the light can be reflected as much as possible. Downward diffuse type.

3. The ceiling lamp with incandescent lamp as the light source shall not be installed directly on the combustible component; the bulb shall not be close to the lampshade; when the distance between the bulb and the insulation table is less than 5 mm, thermal insulation measures shall be taken between the bulb and the insulation station. The power of the incandescent lamp shall not exceed the maximum power allowed by the lamp.

4. There are four kinds of lights commonly used in the family: chandelier, downlight, wall lamp and ceiling lamp. Chandelier installation chandelier is generally installed in the central part of the living room and the top of the dining table, the installation method of chandelier can be divided into two steps. The chandelier is fixed first, be sure to draw a drilling point, drill with impact, and then screw into the hole.

Construction technology of building electrical lighting installation project?

1. Construction technology 2.1 installation quality control points of complete sets of distribution cabinets, control cabinets, power and lighting distribution boxes. First of all, the corresponding grounding wires and protection lines should be set up in the installation of distribution cabinets, control cabinets, distribution boxes and other equipment. The complete set of distribution cabinets also need to check whether the handover box is connected correctly.

2. This construction technology standard is rich in content and easy to understand. The determination of the location of lighting box and box in its unique electrical lighting device has been popularized among designers and approved by designers.

3. To help the construction personnel strictly implement the project construction procedures, adhere to reasonable construction procedures, construction sequence and technology, meet the design requirements, meet the requirements of materials, machinery, personnel and other resources and construction conditions, and implement the relevant regulations and requirements of the construction organization design, construction plan and enterprise technical department.

4. Electrical installation engineering construction procedure civil structure construction stage: welding ground grid, lightning-proof downline, reserved holes and embedded parts, pre-buried pipelines, boxes and boxes are fixed in place. Civil decoration stage: check and repair missing embedded pipes, embedded parts, repair box, bracket, slot board installation, wire, cable wiring and testing work.

5, ② re-welding grounding system; ③ to find the junction box, distribution box and toilet and kitchen equipotential junction box, etc.; ④ shake meter to check the resistance of the grounding system, should not be more than 4 ohms; ⑤ wiring and wiring soldering; ⑥ installation sockets and assembly distribution box; ⑦ installation lighting equipment; ⑧ check the safety of electrical circuits; ⑨ power supply.

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