Wiring method of emergency power supply for flat panel lamp

1. First loosen the screw at the bottom of the emergency light. After unscrewing the above screws, you can open the lid of the emergency light. After the attack, you can see the internal emergency power supply of the emergency lights. There are two wires of fire, a control line and a zero line. Loosen the screws on the control board with a screwdriver to facilitate later connection of the control cable.

2, how to connect the emergency lighting tube, first remove the screws of the emergency lamp through the props, and remove the shell. Set the three wires in the emergency light to the control panel, and then plug the cable into the panel. Connect the power supply of the emergency light to the external power supply, and then connect the fuse.

3. First, use the cross screwdriver to remove the screws around the shell of the emergency lamp. After the peripheral screw is removed from the picture above, the shell of the emergency light can be opened. After opening the rear shell, install the control circuit of the emergency light into the control board of the emergency light and insert the cable directly into it.

4. the wiring method of fire emergency lamp: non-continuous: characteristics: it is not lit at ordinary times, and it is automatically converted to emergency lighting after a power outage. Continuous: features: usually bright, automatically converted to emergency lighting after a power outage. Controllable: features: the emergency lamps can be turned on or off at ordinary times, and the emergency lights can be lit immediately after a power outage.

Installation method of led flat Lamp

1, embedded installation method: suitable for integrated ceiling installation, this installation method is often used in offices, stores, kitchen rooms and other occasions, but also the most common installation method, first remove a ceiling, put the driver of LED panel lights on the next ceiling, and then connect the power cord, and then put the board lights above, the installation method is relatively simple.

2, embedded installation: first remove one of the ceilings, then put the driver of the led panel lamp in the surrounding ceiling, then connect the power cord, and finally embed the led panel lamp into the hole.

3, led flat panel lamp installation method 1 there are embedded LED flat panel lamp, ceiling type, hanging three installation methods, the first to determine which installation mode is. 2, prepare sharp nose pliers, welding, AB glue, multimeter, etc.

4. How to install the Led Lamp after buying the lamp tube and wick, we check the accessories. Most of the led lamps are ceiling-mounted and are equipped with magnet posts to fix them. Fix the magnet column to the wick, note that the magnetic surface is used to absorb the lamp holder, the direction can not be wrong.

5, the first installation method: the bracket fixed type first makes a few screw holes in the ceiling, and then installs the LED panel lamp sliding into the suction top frame on the ceiling, fixing three sides. Then slide the panel lamp into the fixed sliding installation frame, and then screw the fourth side to fix the frame. Convenient, simple and time-saving.

6. installation method: ceiling lamp: it can be fixed directly with screws. Embedded LED lamp: step 1: open the hole, and then jam the lamp buckle. Step 2: because the specific situation of each lamp is different. Next, the specific operation should be carried out in accordance with the instructions attached to the LED lamp.

How to connect the led lamp

The connection method of led lamp is as follows: tool / raw material: LED lamp. First of all, the length is determined and intercepted by integers. Random shortening will cause a unit not to shine. If you need a length of 5m, the lamp belt needs to be cut by 8m. If the positive and negative electrodes are connected in an insulated state, the lamp belt is not bright.

LED lights generally use 220V voltage, the connection method is as follows: the internal contact switch of the lamp port leads to the hot wire, the side contact zero wire, so the safety factor will be improved. Draw the hot wire of the lamp mouth out of one end of the wire connection switch and the hot wire at the other end of the switch. Fix the lamp port, install LED, etc.

LED fluorescent lamps are generally connected to the wire at both ends, one end to the fire line and the other to the zero line. Note: there are two pins at both ends of the fluorescent lamp, and the two pins are connected.

There is an inductive ballast in the lamp rack, short connection or removal of the ballast, pull out the glow starter; connect the fire wire and zero wire to both ends of the lamp rack respectively; put the light into the lamp rack and turn the lamp tube to make it electroluminous.

The connection method of LED lamp is related to the current and voltage used. Generally speaking, the LED lamp is powered by DC power supply, so it is necessary to connect the positive and negative electrodes when wiring. The following are two common LED lamp connections: series connection: connect the positive and negative electrodes of multiple LED lights in turn, and connect the whole circuit in series.

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