Now I just want more money, trying to make money?

1. Especially now that the house price is so highIt is understandable that most young people just want to make money.

2. Years oldyouLiving in a reorganized family, the relationship between family members is more delicate. Now you know you make money, which is a good thing. It shows that you have a sense of responsibility and know how to think about your future.

3. Housing loans, car loans, and if you get married in the future, the child support, education, and so on are all high expenses, so as the presentwe,We hope to make more money when we are young, so at present we can only recognize money, just want to make money, making money is the work.

4. Now let’s first find a stable job. After all, making money is like eating. You can’t become a fat man in one bite. What do you say? If you choose a job that makes a lot of money but is not good for yourself, I advise you not to do it.

Is Baoding Great Wall Jiaozhuang Lamps Factory tired? What’s the main thing?

1. I am a front-line worker in the Jiaozhuang Great Wall-Mande optoelectronic workshop, engaged in the assembly of headlights. Now the workshop team forces the front-line staff to complete the original 10-hour 550 production capacity within 8 hours, and if not, the monitor will wear small shoes.

2. Not tired. Wire harness and lamp workshops are basically female workers, and men will be recruited if they are tired.

3. I’m tired. It is responsible for internal and external decoration new material research, material development, material technology shelf construction and maintenance, material approval list establishment and maintenance, material standards and requirements book compilation and revision, material VAVE, material problem solving.

Custom office lighting fixtures

1. For the lamps and lanterns in the public channel area, the illuminance should be flexibly controlled to meet the requirements of the aisle, that is, the multi-loop method, which is convenient for the purpose of working overtime at night and saving energy, and the illuminance is generally controlled around 200Lx. Lamps and lanterns to choose more tube lights, or the use of hidden lights with a combination of methods, can also play the purpose of guidance. Reception room lights.

2, light belt: the shape is like a belt, the front desk of the office, conference room, boss’s office, background wall LOGO and other places can install light belt, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection. Downlights: downlights are more focused for general lighting. Downlights can be installed in public areas and walkways of the office.

3. Personal office lighting personal office lighting is a small space occupied by a person, so the brightness of ceiling lamps is not so important and can be designed according to the layout of the office.

4. It is important to choose lamps and lanterns in the office area, because if the lighting is too bright or too dark, it will affect the work. The office lighting area has a very high requirement for color rendering, and the light source with color rendering index Ra > 80 is generally selected.

5, the size of the office lighting should be combined with the indoor area, if the office area is not very large, you can choose ceiling lights or fluorescent lights, if the area is relatively large, then you must install several fluorescent lights, the office is brighter.

6. Therefore, when choosing office lamps and lanterns, we recommend that the color temperature should not exceed 4500K when choosing the parameter of color temperature, which is more inclined to natural white light. Because of the color temperature, yellow light has the feeling of visual warmth, and the contrast of lighting is relatively small, so it is suitable for shaping interpersonal relationships and atmosphere.

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