The design concept of LED trunking systems has come a long way since its inception. In 1948, the Trilux Group developed their own trunking rails for traditional T5/T8 tubes, followed by ORSAM in 1949 and Philips in 1950. The competition grew as Germany’s Regiolux, RIDI Group, and Ludwing company entered the market in the following years. Austria Group Zumtobel joined in 1967, while Veko designed their system in the Netherlands in 1975. In 1987, Germany’s Fluolite brand introduced their own system.

Design Concept

In this period , many big companys found the market and developed their own trunking system .
In 1948 , Trilux Group developed their own Trunking rails for traditional T5/T8 tube .

In 1949 , ORSAM also produced the system .

In 1950 , Philips also come out.

In 1952 , Germany company Regiolux deigned their own system.

In 1957 , RIDI Group aslo entered in the competition .

In 1960 , Ludwing company in Germany designed the system

In 1967 , Austria Group Zumtobel designed the system.

In 1975 , another company Veko designed the system In Netherland .

In 1987 , Germany company brand Fluolite designed the system in 1987 .

At present ,many factories etc application ,considering the energy saving ,the fluorescent were replaced by led tube directly .but it aslo created some problems with below :

1、Now mostly led tube could work with CCG/KVG ballast ,but could not work with all ECG/EVG ballast
EVG= Elektronisches Vorschaltgerät  gear /    KVG=Konventionelles Vorschaltgerät  gear

  1. Could not widely used in all application ,At same time only one beam angle with 120degree .
  2. Lux , When install 6-8meters ,the led tube could not meet the lux require obviously .
  3. Low Energy Saving, Flicker Driver . No good solutions of compatible led tubes.

However, with the advancement of technology and growing concerns about energy efficiency, fluorescent tubes were gradually replaced by LED tubes. While this transition has brought about many benefits, it has also presented some challenges. For instance, most LED tubes can work with CCG/KVG ballasts but not all ECG/EVG ballasts. Additionally, LED tubes have limitations in terms of beam angle options and may not meet lux requirements when installed at a certain height.

Market Research

Despite these challenges, trunking systems from various brands have remained popular in Europe. Trilux, Ridi, Philips, Regiolux, Veko, Fluolite, Siteco, Zumtobel, and Ludwig are among the most sought-after brands in the market.

More information about the Pupular Brand in Europe Market :

At the same time , Trilux, Philips Brand take 70% marketing sales .

Product Feature

When it comes to product features, LED trunking systems boast impressive qualities such as high luminous efficiency (150LM/W), easy installation (less than 44 seconds), multiple beam angle options (30° to 120°), reliable drivers (ENEC 1-10V or Tridonic or Orsam), flicker-free operation for improved comfort and visual experience, and a generous warranty period of five years.

. 150LM/W
. Less than 44 seconds installation
. Beam angle available: 30°, 60°, 90°, 25°/ 25°, Left 25°, Right 25° and 120° ( 60°, 90° most for industry )
. ENEC 1-10V or Tridonic or Orsam Driver
. Flicker Free
. 5 years warranty


Installing an LED trunking system is a straightforward process. Simply remove the existing fluorescent or LED tube, detach the T8/T5 bracket fixture, connect the chosen wattage LED module with the rails, secure the connection using the quick-connection levers, and finally, switch on the power after ensuring everything is properly set up.

1.Take Out the fluorescent tube or LED Tube

2.Take out the fixture of T8/T5 bracket

3.Take up the LED Module and choose the watts, connect it with the rails

4.Secure the connection by pushing in the quick-connection levers on the side of the module

5.Check Out everything OK and Switch the power


LED trunking systems find application in various settings such as warehouses and supermarkets. Their versatility and energy-saving capabilities make them ideal for illuminating large spaces efficiently.



Marketing research

. The application with old trunking system, There are some solutions as below:

In terms of market research, we have successfully collaborated with renowned brands such as Daimler, BMW, Opel, Toom, OBI, ALDI, Kaufland, Sonepar, Holland airline, Deutsche Lufthansa, and logistic centers in Western Europe. Our track record speaks for itself in delivering reliable trunking systems to meet diverse customer needs.We have cooperated and service brand as below:

Dailmer , BMW , Opel,
Toom, OBI, ALDI, Kaufland
Sonepar , Holland airline , Deutsche Lufthansa,
Logistic centre of West Europe .

As LED technology continues to evolve and improve, the future of trunking systems looks promising. With their energy efficiency and versatile design options, LED trunking systems are set to become a staple in various industries. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting trend!

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