… There are only five terminals in the tricolor light box, and the remaining three go there.

The civil air defense ventilation signal light box is generally used with the civil air defense control box and the civil air defense call button. There are five wires between the light box and the control box, of which three groups of light bulbs are connected to the control box, and one is connected to the electric bell, and there is also a common line between the light box and the control box.

Tricolor LED must have four pins. I don’t know if you have a common cathode (negative pole) or a common anode (positive pole). Anyway, one is collinear, and the other three correspond to three colors. There should be a label on the connection driver. If the driver also has the same color as the lead, it is ok.

Green hot wire, blue zero wire, yellow ground wire. L hole for hot wire socket, n hole for zero wire, and hole for ground wire. However, under normal circumstances, yellow and blue are respectively connected to the positive and negative poles of the power supply, the socket can not consider this, green is the ground wire.

The zero wire is connected to the n interface of the socket, the ground wire is connected to the interface marked by the ground wire, and the hot wire of the lamp is connected to the L1 interface. In addition, if the switch is not connected to the hot line l interface, there should be another interface (but not seen in the picture). If so, you should find a power cord to connect the port to the hot line l interface.

Which three defenses are electrical defenses?

1, electrical three protection: anti-moisture, anti-salt fog, anti-mildew. “five precautions” refers to the electrical operation.

2. In the electrical industry, “three protection” refers to anti-moisture, anti-salt fog, anti-mildew, with these three-proof performance of the distribution box is the three-proof distribution box.

3. I only know that the three electrical defenses are: moisture protection, salt fog protection and mildew protection. There are three errors in relay protection: miscontact, miswiring, missetting, and three precautions: prevention of personal casualties, prevention of malignant misoperation accidents, prevention of relay protection and safety automatic device accidents.

4. Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. The purpose of electronic three-defense is to treat the surface of products in order to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of complex environment on the performance of electronic devices, including waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, that is, waterproof protection, dustproof protection and shock protection.

5. The third prevention refers to moistureproof, salt fog protection and mildew prevention. It is the three protective paints applied on the surface of the PCB board. Triple anti-paint is a specially formulated coating used to protect circuit boards and related equipment from environmental erosion, so as to improve and prolong their service life and ensure safety and reliability.

Wiring diagram of civil air defense three-proof light box

1. First open the drawing of tricolor light for civil air defense. Secondly, the green symbol, red symbol and yellow symbol are marked. Finally, the green symbol marked is clean, the red symbol is isolated, and the yellow symbol is a filter.

2. Personnel on duty in the duty room. The civil air defense three-defense light control switch turns the rotating switch according to the operation of the ventilation system according to the operation of the ventilation system in wartime, and the signal is converted into an electrical signal to the civil air defense ventilation signal box.

3. It is not necessary to use explosion-proof electricity in dangerous places with flammable and explosive gases or combustible dust, and explosion-proof lights do not need to be installed in the civil air defense basement.

4. the configuration of civil air defense distribution cabinets, distribution boxes and distribution lines must be installed according to the design drawings. in addition, the circuit between civil air defense distribution cabinets needs to be investigated according to the wiring system diagram of the distribution box.

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