LED lamp 3-wire connection!

LED lamp with two white wires, a yellow wire, the specific connection method is as follows: 2 white wires are contact wire (L) and zero wire (N), yellow wire grounding. Installation: LED has its own constant current source, no ballast or starter is needed. In general, the lamp tube above T8 can be installed in the lamp tube because the lamp space is large enough.

The three wires of the led lamp are connected to the zero wire and the fire wire. Connect the zero wire and the hot wire, and one is the ground wire, the color of the ground wire is yellow and green, while the color of the hot wire is red, and the color of the zero wire is blue. The hot wire is actually equivalent to the positive pole, this line is with voltage, and the zero wire is connected by the electrical circuit, which is equivalent to the negative pole.

How to connect the three wires of the led lamp: be prepared for safety, cut the power supply, wear protective gloves, and connect the current-limiting resistance to the L-wire of the lamp. Carefully tear off the line connected to the lamp tube, then use a tool to remove a small piece of insulation from the L and N lines of the lamp, and finally connect it with the L and N lines of the lamp point to point.

Distinguish three lines according to the color of the lines. Pre-determined PE line as long as the two-color line is generally grounded PE line, and then find hot color line, such as brown, yellow and so on, hot color line is generally hot line L, cold color line, such as green, light blue, white, etc., generally zero line N.

Diagram of how to connect led lights

1. First install the current-limiting resistor on the negative pole of the power cord. Then separate the positive and negative lines of the LED lamp strip. Use a stripper to remove the positive wire of the LED lamp belt. Stripped positive line of LED lamp. This is shown in the following figure. Connect the negative wire of the power supply with the positive wire of the LED lamp strip.

2. The connection method of led lamp is as follows: tool / raw material: LED lamp. First of all, the length is determined and intercepted by integers. Random shortening will cause a unit not to shine. If you need a length of 5m, the lamp belt needs to be cut by 8m. If the positive and negative electrodes are connected in an insulated state, the lamp belt is not bright.

3, four-wire led lamp strip installation diagram 1 four-wire colorful led lamp wiring diagram _ led lamp four-wire wiring diagram led is powered by DC, there is no difference between zero wire and hot wire, only positive and negative electrodes, household commonly used Led lights can not be connected to municipal electricity.

4, first cut off the power, according to the AC voltage, prepare the plug wire connection, there are two LED lights, directly peel off the protective layer to connect, there is no need to divide the positive and negative poles, connect the wire, then wrap it with insulating tape, and then insert it into the socket.

5. The three wiring modes of led fluorescent tubes are as follows: first, the two ends enter the line, the second is the single end into the line, and the third is the staggered into the line.

6. Prepare a screwdriver and power cord. The wiring step of the LED lamp: first turn off the power supply, there will be a ballast with inductance inside the lamp rack, remove the ballast, and then unplug the starter. Connect the zero line and the hot wire to both ends of the lamp rack respectively. Put the lamp tube in the lamp rack, turn the lamp tube, and it will glow with electricity.

Find the wiring diagram of double-control led tricolor lamp

1, the general tricolor light is controlled by a sectional switch inside the lamp, as shown below, but the switch that actually controls the light must be connected to the fire line. If you want to install a double control switch, the wiring control method should also be controlled on the hot line. You can refer to the wiring mode in the figure below to try it. I hope it can help you.

2. The wiring diagram of the double control lamp is as follows: the two contacts of the two single-pole and double-throw switches are connected respectively, that is, the contact 1 of the switch 1 is connected with the contact 1 of the switch 2, and the contact 2 of the switch 1 is connected with the contact 2 of the switch 2. Then the knives of the two switches are connected to the two ends of the electric lamp as the whole switch.

3, the touch switch of the three contacts the two points on the right mark the hot wire input fire wire, the hot wire output lamp, the left zero line input zero wire, and the zero wire reconnect light at the same time. Zero lines are directly connected to lights and do not require input and output.

4, three-color LED must have four pins. I don’t know which one of yours is a common cathode (negative pole) or a common anode (positive pole). Anyway, one is collinear, and the other three correspond to three colors. There should be a label on the connection driver. If the driver also has the same color as the lead, it is OK to dock.

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