Want to know what are the differences between wall washing lights and line lights?

1. Most line lights are square. While the wall washing lamp has its own bracket The design of the appearance is not fixed Line lamp is a kind of flexible decorative lamp with low power consumption, long life and easy to bend. It is generally suitable for the outline of buildings and the production of billboards and so on.

2, in the use parameters of lamps and lanterns, the two are also different, such as the power of lamps and lanterns, LED wall washing lamps are mostly high-power, while LED line lights are mostly low-power.

3, LED wall washing lamp: composed of high-power 1W lumen lamp bead + lens, the shell size is more than 5 cm wide, generally high voltage 220V power supply, the bottom is installed bracket, the surface is a layer of toughened glass, are waterproof.

4. Led hard light strips are generally used indoors.  The two have their own strong points, and when it comes to this difference, the scope is a little big. Including uses and properties, as well as materials, as well as appearance and structure. The light illuminated by led wall washing lamp is higher and wider than that of hard light strip.

5, the wall washing lamp is linear, you can call the wall washing lamp linear spotlight.

Which one is better to choose a circular light source?

1. Excellent supplementary light brands include Shuotu, Kailin, Yu Guang, Binbo, Ruifutu, Biaogoda people, Yalanshi, Xiaotian, X-MAX and Paimito and so on. This ranking of supplementary lights is based on brand reputation. Sales volume Pay attention to dozens of data, such as index, and analyze them through cloud computing.

2. Bei Yang LED Photography Lamp Film and Television Lamp set Ring complementary Light soft Light camera interviewer Live Beauty Lamp Children Photography constant Lighting three Light set V700 [Picture Price Brand quotation]-JD.com.

3. Deep light brand hand-held stable light source can provide dual-wavelength output of 1310nm and 1550nm for single-mode optical fiber measurement, so it is an ideal test instrument for optical fiber engineering.

4. Yes,Learn about the machine vision light source independently developed by 51camera ZQA-3000W is independently developed by 51camera and is specially used for visual lighting in complex environments. The utility model has the advantages of large irradiation range, high brightness, stable brightness and so on.

5. Cm large diameter surface light source, side luminous, bright and more comfortable, national AA illuminance, light uniformity up to 87, scientific reading eye protection. Simulate the principle of natural light diffusion, break through the shackles of space, so that children’s eyes are bathed in uniform light, not easy to fatigue.

6. Characteristics of ring light source (OPT-RI series) The circular light source provides different angles of irradiation, which can highlight the three-dimensional information of the object and effectively solve the problem of diagonal shadow. High-density LED array, high brightness; a variety of compact designs to save installation space; optional diffuse plate light guide, light uniform diffusion.

What is the power factor power of led line lights?

1. Power factor is a coefficient to measure the efficiency of electrical equipment. The low power factor shows that the reactive power of the circuit for alternating magnetic field conversion is large, which reduces the utilization rate of the equipment and increases the loss of line power supply. Led power factor: refers to the value of useful work in the application of LED.

2. The power factor of most LED lamps is negative, that is, capacitive load. And the vast majority of household appliances are inductive load, originally the power bureau needs to use large high-voltage capacitors in the secondary of the transformer to compensate, now with LED lamps and lanterns can be compensated at the load end, this is obviously a good thing, why should it be limited.

Question 1: what does the power factor of LED lamp mean? Hello: as all LED lamps use capacitive step-down, LED lamps show capacitive reactive power and do not need to consider the power factor.

4. Power factor: power factor is the cosine of the phase difference between voltage and current.

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