Nowadays, the lighting fixtures used in the workshop are generally metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps (also known as energy-saving lamps) and LED energy-saving lamps, then, so many types of lamps in the broken, not lit, how to repair, replace to make the lowest cost? Here we mainly talk about the LED high bay lamp used in large factories is broken, because other types of lamps are no longer mainstream, and are gradually replaced by LED, according to the following method to replace with LED.

Let’s take a look at various types of lights, in fact, the appearance used in the workshop is basically the same, are “big speaker” shaped, as shown below

The light source inside the ordinary high bay lamp: metal halide lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp, as shown below:

Metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps are broken, what should I do?

In fact, ordinary high bay lamp is the light source inside is different, you can see the following figure, if the metal halide lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp in the workshop is broken, you can directly replace the light source inside, to replace the power lamp with the same power rectifier, of course, you can also replace it with a more energy-saving high-power LED bulb, the following high-power LED lamp inside the general interface is E27 or E40, can be directly replaced by the following figure by Hongbang lighting production of high-power LED bulbs.

It should be noted that LED bulbs have a built-in power supply, and replacing other lamps requires removing the rectifier and directly connecting AC220V mains.

Well, now it’s time to talk about LED high bay lights, LED high bay lamps are divided into low-power patch type, high-power integrated light source type, and light bulb type, as shown below:

So, they are broken, what to do?

1. Low-power SMD type, high-power integrated light source type

As can be seen from the above figure, the structure of low-power SMD and high-power integrated light source LED high-bay lamps is the same, roughly composed of the high-bay lamp shell (for heat dissipation), driving power, LED light source (lamp beads), lenses, and generally broken performance: the lamp directly does not light up, the lamp is slightly bright after a while, the lamp flashes and flashes, etc. In fact, the main bad is the power supply and light source:

The reasons for LED high bay lights to break are roughly as follows:

1)Bad light source: the process of the lamp is not perfect when assembling, the lamp bead and the heat sink cannot be in good contact, and the thermal conductive paste is uneven. In addition, if the lamp beads themselves are of poor quality, they will be burned if they are lit for a long time.

2)Bad power supply: Power supply problems cause, some manufacturers due to the pursuit of the product low price to use inferior power supply, product quality is unqualified, after a long time of use will appear burning, lamp flashing or light after a while after a slight bright.

Treatment method: SMD type can replace the entire light board, high-power integrated type to replace the entire light source, it should be noted that heat conduction must be done.If the power supply is broken, then it can only be replaced directly. If the light does not light up due to power supply, it is best to replace the light source with a new one.

2. High power bulb type

If this kind of lamp is broken, just replace the bulb inside.

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