In today’s LED high bay lamp market many commodities have begun to emerge, many people have said that such a market state is very worrying, high bay lamps are also high-tech products, for some people without high bay lamp technology experience because of profit and development. This is undoubtedly disrupting the high bay lamp market, and it is also a risky investment for high bay lamp wholesale businesses. Moreover, if this batch of inferior high bay lamps are used on the construction site, it is likely to cause some accidents, so every step of high bay lamp production cannot be ignored.

Although LED high bay lamps have been popularized and applied around the world, there are still many manufacturers who have not found a good solution in the heat dissipation of high-power LED high bay lamps; At present, the single heat conduction relying on aluminum has met the heat conduction needs of LED high bay lamps. Ineffective heat conduction will also affect the service life of the lamp. Therefore, for high bay lamp manufacturers, heat dissipation technology is currently the most critical. But also with the continuous reform and innovation of technology, the treatment on the high bay lamp radiator is also obviously effective. The function of the heat sink is to absorb the heat transferred by the substrate or chip, and then disperse to the external environment to ensure that the temperature of the LED chip is normal.

As far as the high bay lamp is concerned, the market price in recent years is showing an upward trend, if the price can be raised because of the high price and the threshold of the market, we have nothing to say, but the worrying thing is that there are now many fake and shoddy products on the market are also marked with a high price in the market, making it difficult to distinguish the real from the fake. Most of the high-bay lamp wholesale merchants do not understand the relevant technology, they are only responsible for selling the products, or choose a manufacturer with strength and scale, with a large market share and a good reputation among the masses. Regarding the high price of LED high bay lamps, relevant departments have also regulated raw materials, and I believe that there will gradually be a clear situation.

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