For the Linear trunking retrofits cost us about five years to finish all .

In 2015 one of our CEO’s Germany customer who wanna a lamp can replacement T5/T8 EVG /KVG tubes directly , but the old trunking rail still keep works .
Then bring me lots ideas , we knew there are nearly 15 brands of trunking in Europe which keep sells nearly 70 years ,
Now it’s the time for replacement , but the owner wanna save cost for lamp invest + easy and fast installation + no need update the fire control license .

So the retrofits idea came out , our CEO Gordon collection lots different old trunking rail from EU to China .

In the beginning , we made the one by one retrofits system , it’s means the retrofit’s dimension and male connector must 100% fit old trunking rails , so we made lots tooling for Aluminum and Wago/VS connector .
It’s help us good marketing in Germany and succeed cooperated with Dailmer and Opel factory lamp improvement .

For the one by one system , there are some limited for sales , mainly for project . Because there are lots SKU for different brand , it’s means hard to make stock , you don’t know the coming order is Trilux , RIDI , Regiolux or Zumtobel etc . The whole sales can not do such business .

After that , we compare the dimension , structure etc for all the old trunking rails , find the common and finally develop the ” universal retrofits ” . 80% famous old trunking rails fit well , i have test in my factory .

Right now the sales coming better , the wholesales can easy make stock , less SKU .

This is the whole stroy about the “retrofits ” , if wanna learn more information about this product, please contact our CEO at .

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