Workshop lighting design

1. According to one lamp, the lighting range is about 65 square meters, and 110 sets of lights are required. About 11KW, calculation current 55A, total empty turn on 60A, below is divided into 4 loops, each circuit hangs 28 sets of lights, divides into empty turns on 20A.

2. The design of lighting wiring in dust-free workshop should follow the principle of “concealment” like all kinds of electrical circuits and professional pipes.

3. W high sodium lamp or 112W LED lamp, hang one every 13 meters in the middle of the workshop, absolutely meet the needs. 250W high sodium lamp actual 300W LED lamp actual power 122W, power saving 60%, but the unit price is more than 4 times higher.

4, factory workshop lighting depends on the situation, from the height, within 5 meters, the use of fluorescent light source, can meet the general lighting requirements, between 5-12 meters, from energy-saving considerations, you can use LED light source lamps and lanterns; more than 12 meters, you can use metal halide lamps or sodium lamp light sources.

Design Essentials of Industrial Lighting

The basic elements of lighting design are Illuminance determination: the illuminance standard of industrial buildings shall be determined according to the “Industrial Enterprise Lighting Design Standard” TJ34-79; before the national standard is promulgated, the illuminance of civil buildings should be selected according to the “Technical regulations for Building Electrical Design” according to the use requirements.

First of all, with regard to the design principles of lamps and lanterns, it is very important to take into account the optical principles of lamps and lanterns as well as their materials and costs.Standard for factory lighting designThe second is the degree of aesthetics. Everyone likes beauty. Things, LED lamps and lanterns are furniture supplies, naturally its appearance is also very important.

Article 0.3 in addition to abiding by this standard, the lighting design of industrial enterprises shall also comply with the requirements of the relevant national standards and norms. Chapter II Lighting methods and Lighting types Article 0.1 Lighting methods can be divided into general lighting, zonal general lighting, local lighting and mixed lighting.

Illuminance standard for industrial lighting

The illuminance standard values of industrial enterprise lighting should be classified according to the following series: 0.130, 50, 7100, 150,200,300,500,750,1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000Lx. 2. The standard value of lighting design should be the average illuminance value on the working surface of the production site.

In the same foundry workshop, the illuminance standard of mold making and shelling section of precision casting is much higher than that of general casting. The standard values of illuminance in different places vary from 50lx~750lx. Please refer to the “Building Lighting Design Standard” GB50034-2004 illuminance specification, you can get the place illuminance standard value you want.

The national standard of the people’s Republic of China [Architectural Lighting Design Standard] GB50034-2013 specifies the general illuminance standard values for newly built, rebuilt and expanded residential, public and industrial buildings.

Inspection, etc., require that the lighting brightness is not lower than 500lux. In addition, the type, quantity and layout of light sources installed in the workshop need to be considered in order to achieve the best lighting effect and working environment. Maintaining proper workshop lighting brightness can not only improve the work efficiency and accuracy of workers, but also prevent light pollution and occupational diseases.

There should be sufficient natural lighting or artificial lighting in the workshop or work place. The lighting coefficient of the workshop should not be lower than the standard IV, the mixed illuminance of   in the working face of the inspection place should not be less than 540lx, the working face of the processing site should not be less than 220lx, and other places should not be lower than 110lx.

GB 50034-2013, the national standard of architectural lighting design of the people’s Republic of China, specifies the general illuminance standard values for newly built, rebuilt and expanded residential, public and industrial buildings.

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