LED fluorescent lamp tube as a built-in power supply, what should be the working temperature of the power supply?

The life of the power supply determines that the gap between the power supply and the lamp panel is too small to achieve the heat of the 5mm 3 power supply and the heat of the led accumulate in the lamp panel area, not on the aluminum housing.

The working temperature of LED lamps is below 65 ℃. The temperature is mainly related to the lamp bead and the radiator and the power of the lamp bead. In addition, it is necessary to judge whether the lamp cup radiator is matched with the lamp bead. Too high temperature can easily cause serious pearl decay of the lamp, and even bring safety risks.

At this time, the N-node temperature of the LED is 110C, and the node temperature of the LED lamp must be controlled below 110C in order to ensure the normal operation of the LED. Because if the node temperature exceeds 110C, the light decay of the LED lamp will be very fast, and the life of the LED lamp will decrease sharply with the increase of the node temperature.

The working temperature of led lamp beads is generally below 40 degrees, and the junction pressure should not exceed 30 degrees. According to the aging data of a single LED white light, if only one LED white light works, and its ambient temperature is 30 degrees, then the bracket temperature of a single LED white light will not exceed 45 degrees.

In principle, the power supply of the spotlight is 40 degrees, which will not be too high. If it is too high, it will show that there is something wrong with the lamp, so this 30 or 40 degrees is normal.

How to distinguish between internal power supply and external power supply of LED

The volume of the power supply with different power is larger, so the power of the external power supply is larger than that of the built-in power supply. External power supplies with different convenience require additional power adapters to use, while built-in power supplies are not needed.

LED fluorescent lamp built-in power supply means that the driver power supply has been installed inside the LED fluorescent lamp tube (usually placed in the space at both ends of the lamp tube or the back of the light source board); LED fluorescent lamp external drive power supply means that the power supply is not in the LED lamp tube, but is installed in the space outside the fluorescent lamp bracket or other lamp tube.

The built-in power supply means that the driving power supply is placed inside the lamp tube and is directly connected to the municipal electricity when the lamp tube is in use. The external power supply means that the drive power supply needs to be connected externally, the lamp tube needs to be connected to the external power supply, and the external power supply is connected to the municipal power supply.

Is dual-mode, refers to the use of alternating current and direct current two modes, whether built-in or external, and finally connected to the lamp, are DC power supply. There is an AC plug on the LED lamp, which can be plugged directly into the 220V AC power. Turn on the switch and the light will come on. This is the built-in power supply.

The built-in is not easy to replace compared to the external; the only advantage of the built-in power supply is its beautiful appearance and the integration that everyone likes.

Is there a built-in power supply for LED lights? if there is a built-in power supply, how can it be connected to 220V _ Baidu?

The concept needs to be clarified first. The so-called “led power supply” is not a power supply that can provide electricity, but a power conversion controller. Because the city electricity is 220V AC, and the led works in DC, and the voltage and current should be matched, so it is necessary to convert and control the city power.

The led bulb is connected with a drive power supply, which can also be called a transformer. Most of the led uses low voltage, and there is a drive power supply in it.

LED lamps generally have 12V/24V supply voltage and 220V supply voltage. If the power supply voltage is 220V, there is no need for an external power transformer, there is already a transformer built in the lamp, which is directly connected to 220V city power.

If it is a built-in LED driver power supply, generally it can be lit directly at both ends of the LED lamp tube; while the external power supply, the city power must first be converted into direct current by the LED driver power supply, and then input into the LED fluorescent tube before it can be lit, but the separate lamp tube can not be lit directly by the city electricity.

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