Everything You Need To Know About LED Track Lights

LED track light

Lighting is paramount to any space. It can add or take away the beauty of any interior space in the world. It does not matter if you’ve decorated your room with all of your heart because if the lighting is not perfect, the magnificence is diminished.


LED track lights exist to add glory to your ideas. These lights can be installed anywhere, can brighten up any space, and adjust according to your needs. LED track lighting has endless benefits.


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What Is LED Track Light?

Any light that has the options of multiple light fixtures and is placed on a ceiling-mounted structure is called a Track Light. These lights are usually connected to a single course and deliver a soft glow in every room they are lit in, especially the ones with high ceilings.


There is no specific application or place for track lighting. They are used to illuminate dark halls, large offices, cozy lounges or simply highlight artwork, photos, or paintings in an exhibition.

Advantages of LED Track Lighting


There are many advantages of using track lighting. So, if you’re juggling between getting them or not getting them— don’t worry! Here are some of the pros that might persuade you to buy them:

  • Track lights can direct their illumination to a specific area to brighten any particular spot or object.
  • Track lights can easily get installed anywhere and everywhere.
  • There is an ultimate flexibility factor. You can direct the lamp in the direction of the spot you want to be illuminated.
  • Track lights are famous for increasing visibility in dark areas as they are easy installation.
  • They are perfect for remote locations or small rooms that don’t have space for tube lights or other lighting installations.
  • LED track lights are customizable. You can easily adjust the size, color, number of lights per your needs.

Track Light Accessories

The best thing about Track lights is that you can redesign them according to your fancy. Now, the option to customize your track lighting may be overwhelming for some people. So, here is a little secret — it is not hard!


There are track light accessories that you can use to easily customize your lighting system, such as track fittings, X- connectors, T-connectors, power feeds, extensions rods, etc.

Whatever you may choose, there are at least three parts essential for creating a custom track lighting system:


1) Power Track: You can choose from  2′, 4′, 8′, or select a custom length. If you pick a power track whose length exceeds 24′, you should incorporate more than a single power feed.


2) Power Feed: It should “L,” “T,” “X,” or conduit


3) Track Fixtures


4) Light Bulbs: you can use anything from MR11, MR16, Par16, Par20, Par30, Par38


Other accessories include Track Left Corner, 1m or 2m Track, Track Dead End, Track Right Connector, Track Live End, Straight Connectors, etc.

Applications of LED Track Light


LED track lights are more popularly used for task lighting, decorative lighting, etc. However, as discussed earlier, they have endless applications. Let’s see some of their primary applications:

Decorative Lighting

If LED track lights are installed at a few feet parallel to a wall, they provide a breathtaking wall washing result. You can also use these track lights to weave the wall washing lights with accenting to illuminate particular art pieces, paintings, photographs, etc. Moreover, if you have worked hard on the textures of your wall, then these lights, along with a fascia covering, can be used to bring out the surface.

Accent Lighting

LED track lights are primarily used for accent lighting. This means that they are used to highlight art, architectural projects, photographs, etc. Using these LED track lighting, you have 100% freedom to direct them to achieve the best highlights creatively.

Moreover, these lights can be used as spotlights as well. For example, if the object you’ve directed these lights at changes positions, you can easily change the position of the light as well.

LED track lights are incredibly versatile as they provide solutions for making accent lighting in museums, commercial displays, homes, galleries, and more.



Task Lighting

Here is a fun fact about LED track lights: they are more than just decorative lights. You can use them smartly in retail stores or workspaces to increase attention on the objects. In addition, track lights’ ability to illuminate, along with pendant lighting, can turn them into decorative lighting, which is always a bonus to increase excitement in people.

Types of Installations

LED track lighting is popular because it can be tethered on tactile or false ceilings. They can be installed on the wall. Track lightings are designed to steer through curvy walls. If your interior design goal is to add additional length or track heads, you can at any time.


Maintenance of LED Track lights is super essential, but also super easy! If a need arises to adjust the defective light fitting at any given point, it can be done within minutes. The operation of these LED track lights is also pretty functional as you can easily adjust the position of the light to illuminate anything within its radius.


Because of their multiple applications, easy installation, smooth operation, and straightforward maintenance— these LED track lights are an excellent option for both office and home environments.

Types of Track Lighting

There are multiple types of LED track lighting available. Unfortunately, there is no best one as it depends solely on your needs. So, find out about each of them and make an intelligent choice.

Track Heads

Track heads are usually perfect for spotlighting, ambient results, wall washing, and other applications aiming for direct lighting to highlight something specific. In addition, track heads are perfect for you if you’re seeking task or accent lighting. Some of the track heads are:

Flat and Round back head

These kinds of LED track lightings have flat or round back heads. These back heads are often in the shape of octagon, cylinder, oval, etc. These track heads often feel more modern due to their sleek look. Therefore, it is often preferred by those who are minimalist.





Tornado head

Tornado heads have sturdier backing to support them. In addition, this outlook gives them an industrial look, so they are not bad for task lighting.

Gimbal head

Gimbal head is a popular LED track lighting system that can be turned 180 degrees. So, you can fixate light in multiple directions whenever you want. These lights are often used in museums and galleries for accent lighting purposes. These track lights’ small trim and design make them look like cameras.

Step head

Step head lighting system is relatively conventional for track lighting installations. It yields ample light to make any interior space look elegant.

Track Pendant

Track pendants, on the other hand, are beautiful. But, it is essential to note that their function is also limited. Unlike track heads, you cannot change fixtures of track pendants, which means their directionality is relatively tiny.

Track pendants are perfect for decorative or task lighting, especially in offices, kitchens, dining rooms, etc. Sometimes, track pendants are solely used for ambiance purposes as well.

How To Choose the Right Fixture for Your Needs

Once you figure out the perfect track head, you should check out other few factors before finalizing your deal:


  • Choose your layout wisely. This would entail choosing the right lighting track, straight or flexible. Moreover, you can check if it has a single-circuit or a two-circuit configuration.
  • Choose the object or place you want to be illuminated, and then pick out the lamps as they differ in brightness and diameter.
  • Choose the right fixture, and see if it’s compatible with the light tracking system.
  • Choose LED bulbs as they last longer and consume less power.
  • For the best result, choose the highest quality of bulbs.

Final Word

LED Track lights add a new perspective as they ensure performability and adjustability. You can’t go wrong with using them as they add sophistication to any place they are beaming in at any time of the day.

So, make the right choices and pick out the best type of LED tracking lights to add brightness to your life.










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