What should be paid attention to when choosing and purchasing LED industrial and mining lamps in industrial factory buildings?

1. Choose high-quality LED industrial and mining lamps, including high-quality power supply and high-quality radiator. High-quality power supply: at the same time, we should also examine the power supply provided by lighting places, so that we can decide whether to use a constant voltage and constant current controller to avoid power grid caused by ballast, accompanied by unstable noise and light intensity, so as not to cause eye fatigue.

2, what to pay attention to the purchase of led lights to see whether the workmanship of a good quality LED lamps and lanterns, in addition to the above mentioned several main aspects, but also according to different use environment, there are different technical requirements, such as moistureproof, dustproof, anti-magnetic, lightning protection and so on. The quality of lamp beads is determined by chip quality and packaging technology.

3. Choose the appropriate IP grade if it is an indoor place, the IP grade of the industrial and mining lamp can not make special requirements, but if it is outdoors, or there is a possible place to be caught in the rain, you need to pay attention to the IP level of the lamps and lanterns, and the general IP65 can meet the requirements.

4. Temperature brightness test purchase Test LED lamp tube under normal irradiation, the temperature increases gradually. If the sudden heating life will not be well guaranteed, the brightness will not be dazzling and stroboscopic irradiation will be uniform.

5, life: different quality lamps and lanterns use life is not the same, led lamps and lanterns life is determined by light decay, the less light decay, the longer the led service life. The choice of industrial and mining lamp is generally used in factory buildings, workshops, warehouses and gas stations and other places of industrial lighting.

What are the types of industrial lamps and lanterns

1. Suspended lamps and lanterns: lamps and lanterns suspended on the ceiling or wall bracket with rope, chain, pipe, etc. Lifting suspension lamps and lanterns: suspension lamps and lanterns that can be adjusted by pulleys and balancing hammers. Embedded lamps and lanterns: lamps and lanterns that are safely or partially embedded in the mounting surface. Ceiling lamps: lamps and lanterns installed directly on the surface of the ceiling.

2. Commonly used are double-headed magnolia wall lamp, double-headed olive wall lamp, double-head drum wall lamp, double-head lace cup wall lamp, jade pillar wall lamp, mirror front wall lamp and so on. The installation height of the wall lamp, its bulb should be not less than 8 meters from the ground. Suitable for bedroom, bathroom, aisle, balcony lighting.

3, wide illumination this type of lamps and lanterns, generally its shell is the use of frosted reflector, helmet-shaped lampshade, the surface after electrostatic spray treatment, more durable and strong, but also very strong.

4, there are many kinds of industrial lighting, it is best to choose according to the specific conditions of the plant, general classification: floodlight, induction lamp, spotlight, metal halide lamp, LED lamp, explosion-proof lamp and so on. There are also occasions where mobile lighting fixtures are used. Large factory buildings had better choose professional industrial lighting.

5. Lighting lamp classification: chandelier features: chandelier has the most patterns, commonly used are European candlestick chandelier, Chinese chandelier, crystal chandelier, parchment chandelier, fashion chandelier, conical cover lantern, pointed flat cover lantern, waist cover lantern, pentagonal ball chandelier, magnolia cover lantern, olive chandelier and so on.

Ask for advice: factory building lighting and light source selection

Selection of lamps and lanterns for general industrial buildings (1) Open lamps are generally used in normal environments (heating or non-heating places). (2) where there is a large amount of dust, but there is no danger of explosion and fire, choose lamps and lanterns suitable for the value of dust.

Selection of lamps and lanterns for general industrial buildings (1) Open lamps are generally used in normal ambient temperatures (heating or non-heating places). (2) generally choose Sichuan dustproof lamps and lanterns for places that contain a lot of dust but have no danger of explosion and fire.

In the field of industrial lighting, the requirements for the life of lamps and lanterns are also very high, we should give priority to choose lamps and lanterns with small light decay and long life. At the same time, the life of lamps and lanterns is also related to the light source, power supply, radiator and other components, so we have to choose good parts.

Strobe. If the light source flashing frequency is more, it will directly cause people’s vision to feel very tired, and we call it low-frequency flash, which will also directly affect the quality of lighting.

How to choose the LED lighting tube of the factory building?

-3 elements are about the performance of lamps and lanterns, we must choose the LED products of regular manufacturers, basically there will be no problems.

Therefore, it is generally necessary to choose fluorescent tubes with appropriate voltage. For example: where the city electricity is 110V, we should choose the specially designed 110 city electricity fluorescent tubes. Heat dissipation: fluorescent lamps are equipped with a heat dissipation shell made of aluminum. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem with heat dissipation.

How to choose led lamps and lanterns to consider the hue of lights according to the region, choose cold or warm led lamps and lanterns. Consider the effect of lighting according to the size of the area, choose lamps and lanterns power and lighting effect, for darker places, you can choose led lamps and lanterns with strong lighting effect.

Choose and buy shape lamp tube shape milky white, uniform size 2m is the most commonly used. When buying, it depends on whether the joint of the product has the trace of crack and extrusion deformation, and the material of aluminum-plastic all-plastic glass should be selected according to the specific requirements.

Compared with ordinary lamps, the price of this kind of products is much higher, while the application is also relatively small, mainly in urban lighting projects and decoration projects, another power supply is also a big problem, the current LED lamps and lanterns can only use low-voltage DC, so in the use, there must be AC into DC power supply.

Heat dissipation directly determines the life of the lighting LED lamp in the workshop. The heat dissipation material of the lamp is generally glass brazing plate and aluminum substrate, and the effect of the latter is better. High quality aluminum substrates also have thermal conductivity of 2.

How should the lamps and lanterns for factory decoration be customized?

Selection of lamps and lanterns for general industrial buildings (1) Open lamps are generally used in normal ambient temperatures (heating or non-heating places). (2) generally choose Sichuan dustproof lamps and lanterns for places that contain a lot of dust but have no danger of explosion and fire.

Lighting customization requires full communication between consumers and designers, and be sure to inform designers of their interests and overall decoration style. in this way, the designer can work out a reasonable lighting customization plan according to the actual situation of the room.

The concrete conception of lighting. Lighting customization should take into account the change of space and way, which makes the design of interior space have greater changes, and even create a brand-new interior space.

Matters needing attention in the selection of decoration lamps and lanterns: pay attention to flexibility when buying lamps and lanterns, for example, lighting lamps should be consistent with the relative height of the room, and it is not suitable to use long screw wall lamps and crystal chandeliers with large sag, otherwise it will hinder safety.

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