Sales of fluorescent lamps will cease in 2023!

As we know Sales of fluorescent lamps will cease in 2023 !

Next year 2023, the following phase-outs of fluorescent lamps will be made:
Compact fluorescent lamps and T5 circle: February 24
T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps: August 24

After this date, there will be not allowed to sell these light sources on the European market.
Lighting systems with fluorescent lamps are still very common in properties such as schools, offices, healthcare facilities, sports and industrial premises.

So for us, how to do next to get this opportunity?
– What options exist to instead of fluorescent lamp?

Now on the markt, there have LED tube light, LED batten, LED retrofit.
– Why are fluorescent lamps banned?
– What can be done already?

Do you think this is a good marketing concept to launch our retrofits ?

FAQ – Frågor och svar om utfasning av ljuskällor med kvicksilver


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