How to change the led light strip yourself

①, if you open and look at the inner light bar, each lamp bead is that kind of plastic LED lamp bead, then you can only change the whole lamp bar.

To change the led light strip, you first need to turn off the power switch, which is very important and can not be operated with electricity, which is prone to the danger of electric shock. Then remove the led lamp shade, you can see that the original led lamp belt is generally fixed on the lamp base with three screws, you can remove all three screws.

The LED strip in the living room needs to be replaced in four steps. The first step must be to ensure your own safety, so turn off the power switch in the living room, and then take off the lampshade of the LED lamp. We can see that the lamp belt has three screws fixed on the base of the lamp, and there is a power buckle connected to a special plug.

The method of changing the led lamp strip in the living room is as follows: tools / raw materials: LED lamp strip, various terminals, screwdriver. Method / step: first close the main gate and ensure that the power is off. To remove the lamp holder and ballast in the original lamp, the light splitter can be retained.

The method to replace the LED lamp strip is as follows: first, the power is cut off to prevent electric shock. Then remove the frame of the LED lamp strip, finally, put on the new lamp strip, and install the frame and connect the wire in the reverse operation.

LED lamp board and driver first remove the lampshade and check the internal situation. There are two lamp positions inside, one of which can be used. Unscrew the fixing screw of the reflector and remove one of the reflectors. Remove the lamp connector at one end of the reflector, and its hole position is just enough to install two adsorption magnets.

Kitchen lamps and lanterns how to change led flat lights

1. The flat panel lamp of the kitchen lamp can be changed according to the following steps: first, turn off the power of the lamp and disconnect the power cord. Hold the lampshade with your hand and take it off gently. Remove the lamp slides and wires. Check whether the lamp holder is connected by a wire, and reconnect the wire if necessary. Check whether the lamp holder is in good contact with the wire.

2. The method of replacing kitchen lamps and lanterns led flat lights is as follows: operating tools: screwdriver, electrical tape, ladder, sucker hook. The kitchen decoration results of most families are mainly integrated ceilings, and a lamp will be installed in the middle of the integrated ceiling, which can be called flat light.

3, in the installation of kitchen led flat lights, it is necessary to pay attention to its in the process of transportation, there will be damage, if damaged, need to be replaced in time, can not continue to use.

4. If it is clasp type, you need to find the switch or button next to the lamp, and just open the switch.

5. Kitchen lamps and lanterns led flat light is broken: use a word screwdriver to turn on the LED bulb along the metal screw port and the bulb joint, and then check and replace the electrical components. If the LED lamp is in series, so one is not bright, then all are not bright; need to change the light source, change the light source should pay attention to the light source voltage range, to buy the same voltage light source.

Illustration of the method of changing lamp strip for led ceiling lamp

The way to change the lamp strip is as follows: remove the ceiling lamp cover, usually a plastic cover, if it is a rotating lampshade, you can rotate it clockwise, if it is a long strip shaped lampshade, you can find the switch on one side and press the switch to open the lampshade. If there is no cover, just proceed to the next step.

How to change the ceiling lamp belt needs to first cut off the power supply, and then remove the LED lamp shade, you can see that there is a light belt, basically fixed with screws, there may be two or three.

Turn off the power supply to prevent electric shock. Remove the ceiling lamp shade, separate the lamp wire from the lamp, and remove the wick. Take the old wick to the Internet or the market to buy the same model, which is safer. Open the package of the new ceiling lamp, open the lampshade, and unscrew the test wire on the lamp with a screwdriver.

The replacement method of the led wick of the ceiling lamp is as follows: determine the model and size of the wick, buy it online or in a physical store, and be careful not to buy the voltage regulator you bring when buying the wick. Turn off all the switches of the lights to avoid electric shock, then open the lampshade of the led ceiling lights, separate the wires of the old lights from the lights, and remove the wick.

Turn off the power switch, remove the led lamp shade, you can see that the original led lamp belt is generally fixed on the lamp base with three screws, and there is a special power snap connected with the special plug.

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