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Proper poultry lighting is suitable for the type of poultry and its breeding method, and can therefore improve performance and reduce costs.

LED Tri-proof Light E-open for Factory Lighting

  • Energy-efficient: Higher efficacy and greater energy savings than fluorescent lights.
  • Durable and robust: IP65 rating and IK10 certification for tough conditions and long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to install: Open cap fastener and through-wiring for quick and convenient installation.
  • Adjustable CCT and power: Simple dip-switch design for adjusting color and brightness to meet specific lighting needs.
  • Versatile applications: Suitable for various applications including car wash operations, airports, tunnels, supermarkets, and more.

Boosting Poultry Production with LED Lighting: Benefits and Best Practices

The Importance of Proper Lighting for Poultry Production

Proper lighting plays a crucial role in the successful commercial production of layers and broilers. With global food demand projected to double by 2030, chicken producers are embracing innovative methods to boost production while minimizing costs and environmental impact. Typically, the emphasis is on improving traditional factors like water, air, nutrients, and housing, but lighting deserves more attention.

Light is a vital component of an animal’s environment. Birds react to light energy in various ways, such as growth and reproductive performance. Regulating light exposure for poultry and livestock to stimulate reproduction has been acknowledged for years and is routinely employed by commercial poultry farmers.

Many poultry producers continue to use outdated residential and commercial incandescent lamps in their facilities. These lamps are not ideal for poultry. Incandescent light differs from sunlight, and the optimal light for humans isn’t necessarily the best for animals.

Animals have evolved under sunlight, which has a significantly different spectrum than incandescent light. Sunlight comprises all colors, and modern farm lighting systems should strive to replicate the sun’s spectrum.

Benefits of Regulating Light Exposure for Poultry and Livestock

The most effective and environmentally friendly choice for agricultural lighting selection is LED lamps, which produce white light by combining blue LEDs with red and green phosphors. The resulting spectrum is nearly continuous, and although it’s not an exact match for daylight, LEDs closely resemble it. LED lighting has the longest lifespan, is extremely durable, isn’t affected by shock or vibration, and allows for color adjustment and control. Despite the initial high costs, LEDs offer energy savings that quickly offset the expense.

LED Tri-proof Light IP69K Tubular

  • Durable Construction: Built with IP69K and IK10 ratings, this LED tri-proof light is both water-proof, dust-proof, and robust enough to withstand high-pressure washdown environments.
  • Flexible Lighting: The CCT/Power adjustable feature allows for custom color temperatures and light intensity. Adjusting the lighting to your needs will aid in increased productivity, and create a safer environment.
  • High Luminous Efficacy: With an efficacy of up to 140LM/W, this tri-proof light provides brighter and more efficient lighting than traditional fluorescent tubes, reducing energy consumption and costs.
  • Easy Setup: The 60° counterclockwise-open design makes installation a breeze. Unlike other lights, the LED tri-proof light can be linkable, allowing you to create a continuous light without any switches.
  • Eye Comfort: Say goodbye to flickering lights that can cause eye strain and headaches. This LED light

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The Advantages of LED Lighting for Poultry Farming

By using LED lighting and catering to the specific spectral needs of poultry, farmers can decrease stress and mortality, regulate circadian rhythms, and significantly enhance egg, meat, and other protein production, all while substantially reducing energy consumption and other input costs.

Lighting Standards for Poultry Farming: Intensity and Colo

1. Light Intensity

Poultry house farms processing and breeding have developed light intensity standards for poultry brooding and poultry growth, typically requiring about 20 lux or more for poultry brooding and 5 to 8 lux for poultry growth.

2. Light Color

Although research on different light colors has been conducted for years, major breeding companies still generally recommend dimmable white light.

Where should light fixtures be placed in a poultry facility?

Light distribution within a poultry facility depends on lamp placement. Lamps should be positioned to maximize illumination across the largest area, which is determined by the facility’s dimensions and equipment.

  • The spacing between lighting bulbs is generally 11/2 times the distance from bulbs to poultry level
  • The distance between the bulb of the farm lighting system and the outer edge of the poultry house is generally only 1/2 of the distance between the bulbs
  • In cage systems, bulbs should be arranged so that their rays shine on the feed and birds.
  • Farming luminaires with clean reflectors can increase light intensity at the poultry level by up to 50% compared to lamps without reflectors.
  • In deep litter systems, lighting system bulbs should be placed at a height of 7-8 feet, while in cage shelters, they should be placed in the aisles of the breeding house.
  • Extremely dirty bulbs emit about 1/3 less light than clean bulbs.
  • Lighting bulbs for breeding houses should be cleaned every two weeks.

LED Tri-proof Light IP65 Smart Tubular

  • Rapid installation: The new design of this Tri-proof Light IP65 Smart Tubular ensures a simple and efficient installation process that saves time and effort.
  • Convenient CCT adjustment: With the slide switch design, you can easily adjust the CCT of the lighting to create a customized ambiance for your space.
  • Flexible rotation: To meet your specific lighting needs, this product is designed to rotate easily, allowing you to direct the light exactly where it’s needed.
  • Easy connectivity: Thanks to the quick installation linkable loop in and out design, you can wire up your Tri-proof Light IP65 Smart Tubular quickly and easily.
  • Certified quality: With certifications from ENEC by DEKRA CB CE ROHS, this lighting solution reflects a high level of quality assurance that you can trust.

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