ClickFast Universal LED Linear Trunking Retroft System T8/T5

  • Compatible with 95% of existing T5/T8 trunking, reducing the need for costly upgrades or replacements.
  • Allows for reusing of current old trunking, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Easy retrofit methods eliminate the need for complex installations, saving time and reducing expenses.
  • Versatile design with one trunking rail and one module, suitable for various commercial and industrial lighting setups.
  • High luminous efficacy up to 160LM/W and option of Tridonic or Orsam drivers ensure high-quality lighting performance.
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The clickfast universal LED linear trunking light retrofit solution is another best choice for updating and compatible with the existing T8 & T5 trunking systems from Trilux, Siteco, Ridi, Regiolux, FLuolite, Siemens, AEG, Philips, Ludwig, Zumtobel etc.
The new click design makes the installation become extremely simple and efficien. Installation is carried out without tools by simply locking the click-slide mechanism (pushing and pulling the spring clip).

There is no need to re-apply and install the fire protection system.

Compare with 1to1 LED Linear trunking retrofit solution, it can replace lots different models of T5/T8 trunking system, so can reduce the stock quantity.


-Compatible with 95% market existing T5/T8 trunking, keep current old trunking and re-use

-Simple install methods help customers save lots of time and installation cost

-One for all trunking rails, One module, many applications.

-High luminous efficacy up to 160LM/W

-Tridonic or Orsam Driver

-Flicker Free

-Multiple beam angles available, Beam angle available: 30°, 60°, 90°, 25°/ 25°, Left 25°, Right 25° and 120° ( 60°, 90° most for industry ), meets all application requirements

-Less than 44 seconds installation

-Persistent in product quality, we choose the highest standard WAGO connectors

-A innovative design to make it selectable to connect to L1 ,L2 or L3

-We only use the highest quality components , such as Tridonic, Osram, etc.

-t’s extremly easy to select the power range by setting the dip switch

-5 years warranty






-Parking Lot

LED Linear Trunking Light T8 & T5 Retrofit Module

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1.Take Out the fluorescent tube or LED Tube
2. Take out the fixture of T8/T5 bracket 
3. Take up the LED Module and choose the watts, connect it with the rails 
4. Secure the connection by pushing in the quick-connection levers on the side of the module
5. Check Out everything OK and Switch the power 


After removing the old light module, use safety rope.

Connect the supply line

Connect the circuit by wago connectors.


Click the module into the old trunking rails.


The following are the technical parameters of the Universal Trunking Retroft System.

( W )
( LM )
( LM/W )
( Brand)
A025S3-60W2XX-S160W adjust 50W 42W 32W by switchMax 78001303000KOSRAMAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 271.85
A025S3-60N1XX-S160W adjust 50W 42W 32W by switchMax 90001604000KOSRAMAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 271.85
A025S3-60P1XX-S160W adjust 50W 42W 32W by switchMax 90001605000KOSRAMAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 271.85
A025S3-60C1XX-S160W adjust 50W 42W 32W by switchMax 90001606000KOSRAMAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 271.85
A025S3-60W2XX-T160W adjust 55W 45W 42W by resistorMax 78001303000KTridonicAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 271.9
A025S3-60N1XX-T160W adjust 55W 45W 42W by resistorMax 90001604000KTridonicAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 271.9
A025S3-60P1XX-T160W adjust 55W 45W 42W by resistorMax 90001605000KTridonicAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 271.9
A025S3-60C1XX-T160W adjust 55W 45W 42W by resistorMax 90001606000KTridonicAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 271.9
A025P3-68W2XX-T116W to 68W by resistorMax 94001403000KTridonicAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 272.1
A025P3-68N1XX-T116W to 68W by resistorMax 12,0001804000KTridonicAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 272.1
A025P3-68P1XX-T116W to 68W by resistorMax 12,0001805000KTridonicAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 272.1
A025P3-68C1XX-T116W to 68W by resistorMax 12,0001806000KTridonicAC 220-240VNon-Dimmable1438 x 66 x 272.1
A025S5-72W2XX-A372W adjust 68W 64W 60W by switchMax 82001203000KAGTAC 220-240V1-10V1438 x 66 x 272.3
A025S5-72N1XX-A372W adjust 68W 64W 60W by switchMax96001404000KAGTAC 220-240V1-10V1438 x 66 x 272.3
A025S5-72P1XX-A372W adjust 68W 64W 60W by switchMax96001405000KAGTAC 220-240V1-10V1438 x 66 x 272.3
A025S5-72C1XX-A372W adjust 68W 64W 60W by switchMax96001406000KAGTAC 220-240V1-10V1438 x 66 x 272.1
A025S5-68W2XX-T416W to 68W by resistorMax 88001303000KTridonicAC 220-240VDALI1438 x 66 x 272.3
A025S5-68N1XX-T416W to 68W by resistorMax 10,2001604000KTridonicAC 220-240VDALI1438 x 66 x 272.3
A025S5-68P1XX-T416W to 68W by resistorMax 10,2001605000KTridonicAC 220-240VDALI1438 x 66 x 272.3
A025S5-68C1XX-T416W to 68W by resistorMax 10,2001606000KTridonicAC 220-240VDALI1438 x 66 x 272.3


Through 7 years of R&D and mining, RECOLUX has obtained more than 20 patents such as invention/design patents, and obtained CE, ISO, ROHS, LVD and ENEC certificates, opening a new chapter in opening up the global market.


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