LED Tri-proof Light IP65 E-open

  • Energy-efficient: Higher efficacy and greater energy savings than fluorescent lights.
  • Durable and robust: IP65 rating and IK10 certification for tough conditions and long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to install: Open cap fastener and through-wiring for quick and convenient installation.
  • Adjustable CCT and power: Simple dip-switch design for adjusting color and brightness to meet specific lighting needs.
  • Versatile applications: Suitable for various applications including car wash operations, airports, tunnels, supermarkets, and more.

The new generation of LED tri-proof light with Tridonic Driver has higher-quality and better performance. Its LEDs and drivers provide higher efficacy and greater energy savings. The IP66-rated fixtures are designed to replace less-efficient fluorescent strip lights in car wash operations, airports, tunnels, maintenance areas, parking garages and stairwells.

With its highly efficient features and innovative housing, the time and effort needed to replace older luminaires with E-Open is minimal. Cables are easily and conveniently mounted on either side with open cap fastener.

E-Open comes with five-pole – or optional seven-pole – through-wiring and is DC-enabled.Particularly resistant and high-quality materials make this moisture-proof luminaire exceptionally robust.

Power and CCT adjustable design help customer relieve stock pressure and more flexible for projects and whole selling channels.


-Open without Tools

-Tri color


-Simple install methods help customers save lots of installation cost

-CCT and Power adjustable with dip-switch, reliever Stock pressure

-With the slide switch design, the CCT can be adjusted simply

-Compatible with Micro Wave and PIR sensors, emergency 

-IP65, IK10

-Certification: ENEC, D-Mark, CE, RoHS, IP66, IK10

-Assorted Ceiling Mounted

-Rotatable Ceiling Mounted

-Through-wired 3 x 1.5mm² / 3 x 2.5mm² / 5 x 1.5mm² / 5 x 2.5mm²

-5 years warranty


-Supermarket, Manufacturer, Retails, Offices, Parking Lot, Airport, Tunnel, Gallery, Exihibiton Hall, Corridor


Voltage: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz

Consistency:  <5 SDCM

CRA(Ra):   >80or >90

Operating temperature:  -20 bis +45°

Through-wired: 3 x 1.5mm² / 3 x 2.5mm² / 5 x 1.5mm² / 5 x 2.5mm²

Life time:  50,000H(L802B10)

CCT:  3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K/Tri-color

Function: Non-dimming/0-10V/DALI/Emergency/PIR sensor/microwave Sensor

Length:  600mm(20W/30W/40W) /1200mm(50W/46W/42W/36W/Power adjustable) /1500mm(60W/55W/50W/40W/Power adjustable)

Tool-Less Open
PIR Sensor
Terminal Connector 5-Pin Five phases terminal 1.5mm² wires
A feast for installation methods,a fit for you.
Single wired


Ceiling Mounted

Make a right position and screw hole on Ceiling
Fix the clip into ceiling screw in the clip
Fix the screw by driver


Make a right position and
screw hole on Ceiling
Fix mounting hook into ceiling Install the clip
Click into the lamp
Then adjust the length of suspension kits

Rotatable Ceiling Mounting

Make a right position and
screw hole on Ceiling
Click into the Tri-Proof light
The angle can be rotated
according to demand


Technical / Electrical Characters

LengthProduct CodePowerLumenLuminous efficacyInput Voltage
600mmT012D-2020W2200LM120LM/WAC 220-240V
600mmT012D-3020W3400LM120LM/WAC 220-240V
1200mmT014D-4040W4800LM120LM/WAC 220-240V
1200mmT014D-50-TC50W can adjust
120LM/WAC 220-240V
1500mmT015D-4040W4800LM120LM/WAC 220-240V
1500mmT015D-4060W7200LM120LM/WAC 220-240V
1500mmT015D-4060W can adjust
55W /50W /40W
120LM/WAC 220-240V
600mmT012S-2020W2600LM140LM/WAC 220-240V
600mmT012S-3030W4000LM140LM/WAC 220-240V
1200mmT014S-4040W5600LM140LM/WAC 220-240V
1200mmT014S-50-TC50W can adjust
140LM/WAC 220-240V
1500mmT015S-4040W5600LM140LM/WAC 220-240V
1500mmT015S-6060W8400LM140LM/WAC 220-240V
1500mmT015S-60-TC55W /50W /40WMax
140LM/WAC 220-240V
1500mmT015S-8080W11000LM140LM/WAC 220-240V
CCT3000k\4000k\5000k\6000k,or Tri-color\3000-4000-5000K\3000-4500-6000K\4000-5000-6000K
FunctionNon-dimming,1-10V,DALI,Emergency,PIR Sensor,Microwave Sensor.


Model NO.Size A(mm)Size B(mm)Size C(mm)
T01 600mm2FT(600mm)8463
T01 1200mm4FT(1200mm)8463
T01 1500mm5FT(1500mm)8463
T01 1800mm6FT(1800mm)8463
T01 2400mm8FT(2400mm)8463

Accessory part

StandardMetal bracketM4 Screw Hole2PCS
StandardProtection cap/1PCS
OptionalProtection cap2m Length2PCS
OptionalMetral bracketM6 Screw Hole2PCS
OptionalMetral bracketM10 Screw Hole2PCS
OptionalMetral bracketRotatable2PCS


LengthSingle BoxOuter CartonQty/CartonUnit N.WG.W/Carton
600mm1Pcs730 x 280 x 180mm6Pcs1350g10Kg
1200mm1Pcs1330 x 280 x 180mm6Pcs2150g14Kg
1500mm1Pcs1630 x 280 x 180mm6Pcs2750g17Kg
1800mm1Pcs1930 x 270 x 210mm6Pcs3550g22Kg
2400mm1Pcs2530 x 280 x 180mm6Pcs4950g30Kg
2400mm1Pcs1630 x 120 x 120mm1Pcs3250g3.4kg


Through 7 years of R&D and mining, RECOLUX has obtained more than 20 patents such as invention/design patents, and obtained CE, ISO, ROHS, LVD and ENEC certificates, opening a new chapter in opening up the global market.


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