Fresh Food Lighting

  • Enhanced Appeal: Specialized lighting techniques boost the visual appeal, making food more appetizing and attractive.
  • Tailored Lighting: Customized light sources, color temperatures, and intensities cater to different food types.
  • Versatile Settings: Suitable for retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries, adapting to various atmospheres and moods.
  • Energy-Efficient LEDs: LEDs offer a wide range of color temperatures, long lifespans, and energy efficiency.
  • Customizable Ambiance: Appropriate color temperature and intensity choices create unique atmospheres for diverse food items.

LED lighting can be used to enhance the visual appeal and presentation of different types of food. By choosing the right color temperature and intensity, you can create a pleasant atmosphere and highlight the colors and textures of various dishes. Here are some suggestions for using LED lighting with different types of food:

1.    Fruits and vegetables: Use cooler color temperatures (5000-6500K) to bring out the vibrant colors in fruits and vegetables. This will make them look fresh and appealing.

2.    Meat and fish: A warmer color temperature (2700-3500K) is suitable for presenting meat and fish, as it helps to enhance the natural colors and textures of these foods.

3.    Baked goods and desserts: For baked goods and desserts, opt for a warmer color temperature (2700-3500K) to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. This will highlight the golden-brown colors of baked goods and make desserts look even more delectable.

4.    Cheese and dairy products: Use a neutral to warm color temperature (3500-4500K) to showcase the creamy and soft textures of cheese and dairy products.

5.    Wine and beverages: For wine and beverages, choose a warmer color temperature (2700-3500K) to create a relaxed and sophisticated ambiance. This will emphasize the rich colors of red wine and the sparkling quality of white wines and other beverages.

6.    Sushi and seafood: To highlight the freshness and delicate textures of sushi and seafood, choose a cooler color temperature (5000-6500K). This will enhance the natural colors and make the dishes look more appetizing.

7.    Buffet and salad bars: For buffet and salad bars, a cooler color temperature (5000-6500K) is ideal, as it helps to maintain the fresh and vibrant appearance of a variety of foods.


  • -Universal Track adapter
  • -Tridonic/Osram Driver
  • -Power switchable
  • -Optional beam angle
  • -Own Tooling
  • -Black or white housing
  • -Innovative Optics
  • -Flicker-free
  • Beam angle available: 30°, 60°, 90°, 25°/ 25°, Left 25°, Right 25° and 120°
  • -5 years warranty
  • -Certification: CE ROHS


Fresh Food Lighting is a versatile solution designed to enhance the visual appeal and presentation of food items in various settings. By using tailored lighting techniques, it caters to different food types and atmospheres, creating an enticing environment for customers and guests. The following are some common application scenarios:

  • Grocery Stores: Fresh Food Lighting improves the visual appeal of fruits, vegetables, meats, and other products, making them look fresher and more appealing, ultimately encouraging sales.
  • Restaurants: In dining establishments, Fresh Food Lighting helps create a pleasant atmosphere, highlighting the colors and textures of dishes, ensuring an enjoyable dining experience for patrons.
  • Cafes and Bakeries: Warm and inviting lighting showcases baked goods and desserts, enhancing their golden-brown colors and making them look even more delectable.
  • Hotels and Hospitality: Fresh Food Lighting is used in buffets and salad bars to maintain a fresh and vibrant appearance for various foods, contributing to guest satisfaction.
  • Wine Bars and Tasting Rooms: By creating a relaxed and sophisticated ambiance, Fresh Food Lighting emphasizes the rich colors of wines and other beverages, enhancing the overall tasting experience.



Technical / Electrical Characters

The following are the technical parameters of the Food Processing Lights.

ItemModel NO.WattLUMENLuminous EfficacyAngleEECL* W* H (mm)
1P022S1-25DS25WMAX 3500140 LM/WDS25°A++578 x 64.7 x 70
2P022S1-25SP25WMAX 3500140 LM/W30°A++578 x 64.7 x 70
3P022S1-25NR25WMAX 3500140 LM/W60°A++578 x 64.7 x 70
4P022S1-25WD25WMAX 3500140 LM/W90°A++578 x 64.7 x 70
5P024S1-48SP48W/44W/40W/34WMAX 7200150 LM/W30°A++1152 x 65 x 72.9
6P024S1-48NR48W/44W/40W/34WMAX 7200150 LM/W60°A++1152 x 65 x 72.9
7P024S1-48WD48W/44W/40W/34WMAX 7200150 LM/W90°A++1152 x 65 x 72.9
8P024S1-48DS48W/44W/40W/34WMAX 7200150 LM/WDS25°A++1152 x 65 x 72.9
9P024S1-48FF48W/44W/40W/34WMAX 6700140 LM/W120°A++1152 x 65 x 72.9
10P025S1-60DS60W/55W/50W/42WMAX 9000160 LM/WDS25°A++1438 x 65 x 72.9
11P025S1-60SP60W/55W/50W/42WMAX 9000160 LM/W30°A++1438 x 65 x 72.9
12P025S1-60NR60W/55W/50W/42WMAX 9000160 LM/W60°A++1438 x 65 x 72.9
13P025S1-60WD60W/55W/50W/42WMAX 9000160 LM/W90°A++1438 x 65 x 72.9


Through 7 years of R&D and mining, RECOLUX has obtained more than 20 patents such as invention/design patents, and obtained CE, ISO, ROHS, LVD and ENEC certificates, opening a new chapter in opening up the global market.


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