Detailed process of lamp production

1. The word to be done is first carved with one-sided glue paper, affixed to the cut-size aluminum-plastic board, and drilled with an electric drill or engraving machine (the distance is generally 10-15mm according to the size of the word). The size and diameter of the hole 5mm cannot be too large. To use F5 spotlight to make words, the hole distance had better be larger than 15mm, the reason is known as soon as you try.

2. Pass the output line of the power supply through the shell of the bulb lamp (Lu piece heat sink) and weld it with the positive and negative electrodes on the Lu base plate (red is positive, black is negative). Then 220V AC test to test whether the lamp is bright and the color is consistent.

3. Let’s take a look at the production process of lighting lighting design. The definition and principle of lamp design the definition of lamp design is a general term for the design of lamps and lanterns under the restriction of use, economy, process materials, production and other conditions.

Led flexible Lamp production process and manufacturer’s quotation

LED flexible lamp strip production process printing tin paste (LTCL-SP600). First reheat the paste and then stir it (LF-180A can be stirred directly), then put a small amount on the printing press (LTCL-SP600) steel mesh, the amount of solder paste to the scraper forward to the scraper’s 3max 2 place is better.

But the price of the general led soft light strip is generally about 25 yuan, which is not too expensive or too low. The most common example is the led soft light strip produced by Shenzhen Creative Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., the price is 100yuan / m and the price of led soft lamp strip of Shenzhen Tengyunfei Technology Co., Ltd is 200yuan / m.

The price of the led lamp strip sold by the manufacturer is 5 yuan / meter, the price comes from the network, for reference only.

Reference price: 50-300 yuan led light strip texture is soft, can be arbitrarily bent, can also be cut and extended, easy to make graphics, text and other modeling, in billboards, signs and other aspects to be fully utilized. The light bulb and circuit of the led strip are completely covered with plastic, so the insulation and waterproof function are very good.

Production process and matters needing attention of led Bubble

Is the welding assembly process, there is a need for LED bulbs, welcome to Taobao Yiguang night lighting professional LED high-power lighting production.

Clean aluminum tube: 1 check whether the aluminum tube is strained, wipe the aluminum tube with alcohol, stick double-sided glue to dry the alcohol. After the homework is finished, gently push the homework to the next station. 2 paste double-sided glue: 1 check whether the aluminum tube is strained, wipe the aluminum tube with alcohol and dry the alcohol.

In fact, the production process of LED lamp is not complicated. Many processing plants buy parts directly from various parts factories and assemble them. LED bulb lamp accessories are: aluminum lamp housing, glass or plastic lampshade, lamp holder, driver (power supply), PCB (circuit board), LED (lamp bead), screws.

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