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Lighting Track System

Lighting Track System

Intelligent LED Indurstrial Lighting system design for industrial plants

Using the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, designed a set of industrial plant intelligent lighting system.

The system adopts the management platform, intelligent lamp controller, intelligent LED device lamp three-layer architecture mode, the comprehensive use of video acquisition, light sensing, deep learning network and other technologies, to achieve the industrial plant lighting field of constant light intelligent non-level dimming and comprehensive management.

In order to meet the enterprise fine management plant lighting at the same time, but also to obtain significant energy-saving effect.

Industrial plant in the manufacturing process plays an important role, has been, industrial plant lighting lamps are mostly high-pressure sodium lamps, but its short life, high energy consumption, non-dimming and other shortcomings are increasingly prominent. With the vigorous promotion of intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial LED lighting with its unique low power consumption, long life and other characteristics of rapid entry into the industry's vision, and with the growing maturity of the LED industry, its reliability and cost-effective gradually reflected, now, more and more industrial and mining enterprises lighting will be preferred LED products.

Intelligent plant can not be separated from intelligent lighting, LED with the advantages of non-destructive level dimming so that the plant 24 hours a day to maintain constant illumination lighting provides technical feasibility. Constant illumination means that the lighting values at the same height are relatively consistent at any time in the plant, and constant illumination provides the best ambient lighting in the plant, and each LED luminaire maintains only the minimum brightness under constant light conditions, thus minimizing the energy consumption of lighting in the plant. From the software and hardware level design and construction of a complete set of industrial plant intelligent lighting system, and then realize the industrial plant lighting field of constant light intelligent stepless dimming and comprehensive management.

Intelligent LED Indurstrial Lighting system architecture

Industrial plant intelligent lighting system consists of a lighting management platform, a number of intelligent lamp controllers, a number of single-light controllers, LED industrial and mining lamps, a number of high-definition light environment cameras, a number of light sensitivity sensors, switches and other equipment. The intelligent lighting system architecture for industrial plants is shown in Figure 1. The entire system is installed in a large plant, wherein the communication network consisting of the system is a local area network.

The lighting management platform is a comprehensive management platform for the display and control of the lighting system, which is installed in the server and connected to the network switch by wire. Management computers and mobile phone APPS can be connected to the lighting management platform via network switches and LAN Wi-Fi for viewing and parameter settings on various devices in the lighting system.

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