Price Treasure Book of led Indoor Lighting (latest)

Generally speaking, led lighting lamps and lanterns are more expensive than ordinary lighting lamps and lanterns, the price of ordinary light bulbs is generally less than 5 yuan, but the price of ordinary led bulbs is generally about 10 yuan 20 yuan.

Like an ordinary led bulb, the price is between 5-20 yuan; the price of LED lamps with small decoration is more expensive, perhaps between 50-500 yuan; if the decoration is very beautiful, can shine a variety of different lights, the price will be relatively high, more than 500 yuan, thousands of yuan is possible.

Generally, commercial spotlights are quoted at more than 20 yuan, grille spotlights at more than 50 yuan, while LED indoor lighting series are relatively expensive. The quotation for LED rail spotlights ranges from 40 to 500 yuan. The LED grille spotlights are around 100 yuan each.

Ten brands of lamps and lanterns

1. Sanxiong Aurora has been committed to the development and production of high-quality, high-grade green energy-saving lighting products, one of the most competitive industry brands in China.

2. No. 3: Huayi Lighting Huayi is one of the well-known lighting brands in China. In the more than 20 years since its establishment, the company has produced products including lamps, light sources, accessories, etc., with a complete production and sales chain.

Third, the sixth Panasonic, founded in Japan in 1918, brand products involved in home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics, office products, aviation and many other fields. Panasonic lamps and lanterns lighting brightness is general, relatively soft, the quality is good. The power is on the low side and it is more energy-saving. In terms of price, the goods are sold for every penny.

Philips PHILIPS is a Philips lamp brand founded in 1894 with a long history. It has become one of the 100 most valuable brands in the world. although it was founded in the Netherlands, it also occupies an important position in the Chinese lamp market after years of efforts. China’s well-known trademark, world-famous brand.

Introduction of Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Price list

1. Is the price of Sanxiong auroral lamps expensive? the price of Sanxiong auroral lamps is about 20-50 yuan. The production of this brand also belongs to high-quality products. At the same time, it is also an enterprise of high-grade green energy-saving lighting products. In China, it is also one of the most comprehensive competitive industry brands.

2, Sanxiong aurora specification model interstellar LED ceiling lamp, made of PC plus high-quality thickened aluminum, characterized by integrated drive built-in, working voltage AC220V, color rendering index is greater than or equal to 80Ra, color temperature is about 3000K to 6500K, suitable for home, hotel, shopping mall or office and so on.

3, three male auroral led downlight ultra-thin 5-hole lamp 8 cm ceiling lamp 3w embedded corridor hole lamp, the reference price is generally about 19 yuan. Opp led downlight 3W ultra-thin hole lamp living room ceiling lamp aisle bucket lamp embedded spotlight, the reference price is generally about 17 yuan.

4. Led Lighting Brand Reishi Lighting: under Huizhou Leishi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Leishi Lighting has always been famous for its advanced R & D technology and rich LED series products, and its LED development prospect is generally optimistic by the industry.

5. Xiao Qi’s conclusion: after reading the introduction above, do you have a better understanding of “how is the auroral lighting of Sanxiong”? Choosing a set of high-quality lighting equipment can bring us a comfortable life, and the quality of the light source directly affects the eyes.

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