What’s the difference between the soft layer of aurora ceiling lamp and Xingjie?

First of all, its light source has a high color rendering index, which helps to cultivate children’s sense of color and improve the cognitive accuracy of color. The illuminance of lamps and lanterns is high, but the light is soft and not dazzling, which is particularly important for children in the stage of visual development.

Aurora Sanxiong is a first-tier brand. Sanxiong Aurora is a first-tier brand in the industry. Sanxiong Aurora is a company that develops and produces high-quality, high-grade green energy-saving lighting products, founded in 1991. Including a variety of lamps, light sources, electricians and electrical accessories a total of more than 2000 varieties.

After all, the ceiling light in the living room has to be connected to the power supply. Choose the living room ceiling lamp of the brand is relatively better, whether it is the transmittance of the living room ceiling lamp or the safety quality problem is more stable. The price of the ceiling lamp in the living room will vary according to the brand and shape, so it is recommended to go to the shop of ceiling lamp in the living room to compare.

Introduction of Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Price list

1. Introduce the price of several products: three-male aurora 13A with large seesaw switch square pin socket ¥10 three-male aurora four-position single-control big seesaw switch (with fluorescence) ¥7 three-male two-position single control with imported LED indicator big seesaw switch ¥58 and so on.

2. Is the price of Sanxiong auroral lamps expensive? the price of Sanxiong auroral lamps is about 20-50 yuan. The production of this brand also belongs to high-quality products. At the same time, it is also an enterprise of high-grade green energy-saving lighting products. In China, it is also one of the most comprehensive competitive industry brands.

3. On January 19, 2000, the size of the three-male auroral ceiling lamp is varied because when it is in use, its effect is very good, and its size is relatively large, there are 960 × 960mm type, it is the design of electrodeless dimming belt remote control.

What is the quality of Lianglilong lighting compared with others?

1. Lianglilong Lighting Co., Ltd. is committed to pursuing “green lighting”, unique production technology, producing a series of high-quality products with energy saving, environmental protection, high brightness and low light decay, serving the high-end market of the industry, and is one of the domestic high-tech enterprises focusing on the waterproofing of LED lamps and LED applications.

2. Zhongshan Quanhui Outdoor Lighting Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Quanhui Outdoor Lighting Co., Ltd. is located at No. 17, Xianlong Luo Shaji Wai Avenue, Haizhou, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City. Its business scope includes outdoor lighting, LED products and solar energy products. Guizhou Danjialing Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.

3. Although it is mainly based on razors, it is also very good in lighting. It is the world leader in household lighting, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-power LED, one of the largest electronics companies in the world, and a global leader in health care, quality life and lighting.

4. Leslie, founded in 1998, is a leading supplier of lighting products in China. The products are related to commercial lighting, office lighting, outdoor lighting, light sources, electrical appliances and other fields. Quality is guaranteed, Reishi is the advocate of green lighting, focusing on energy-saving and environmental protection lamps, environmental protection and energy efficiency is really good in practical use.

5, and to go to formal places to buy; first of all, to see if he has a certificate, model, manufacturer’s logo, but also to see if some small parts have been done in place, whether it is very formal, if there are all, this shows that this quality is still good.

6, the first thing to consider is safety, generally choose professional brands for more than 20 years is better, and to buy some easy to clean, you can choose some simple style, whether it is convenient to install.

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