Sanxiong Aurora is a number of brands.

China’s top ten front-line lighting brands are: Opp OPPLE, Rex Lighting NVC, Philips Lighting, Panasonic Panasonic, Foshan Lighting FSL, TCL Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora Pak, Huayi Lighting, Beautiful Home, Sunshine Lighting.

For domestic lamps and lanterns, such as Sanxiong Aurora, Rex, Opp, Sidon, Sunshine, Foshan Lighting, TCL Lighting, Qiya Lighting, Mei Lighting, Tongshida, these are all first-line brands. Relatively speaking, each enterprise is different for the channel. Opp focuses on home lighting, while Rex and Sanxiong are commercial lighting.

It comes from the place of origin of domestic lamps and lanterns, which provides convenience for the development of enterprises. It has a large-scale lamp production line. After continuous development, enjoy a good reputation in the industry, so that consumers are recognized.

Second-line lighting brands ranked in the top 10: Huayi, Opp, Philips, Audo, Qilang, Okos, Sanxiong Aurora, New Terri, Oriental, Kaiyuan. Huayi Huayi Lighting has established a good reputation in the lighting industry with high quality service and moderate price, ranking first among the top ten home lighting brands.

Introduction to the specifications of Sanxiong Aurora

The specifications include 4W5 inch height 74mm * face diameter 85mm, 5W3 inch height 80mm * face diameter 115mm, 7W4 inch height 95mm*124mm and so on. This model is made of Seiko thickened aluminum, has a strong texture and is durable.

This is the lamp model specification compiled by the lamp factory itself: Sanxiong aurora PAK-D14-132J-BA non-patterned ceiling lamp rated lamp head power (W) T9hands 32W; lamp holder size T9; product weight (kg) 35; material PMMA mask; white. The applicable area is 10-15 square meters.

Under the brand of Sanxiong Aurora, designers have set different specifications and installation locations for downlights of different materials, styles and colors, and even have door-to-door design services. it provides help for consumers in the selection and installation of downlights.

Three-male auroral lighting classification three-male auroral lighting can be divided into two categories: function and decoration. Functional lamps and lanterns can create a warm and suitable light source for home and improve the utilization efficiency of light. But if the functional lamps and lanterns are to be used in a wet and corrosive environment, the lampshade had better be made of special materials to create isolation and protection.

The appearance of the three auroral downlights is elegant and fashionable, showing the modern design style without losing the atmosphere.

Price Treasure Book of led Indoor Lighting (latest)

Generally speaking, led lighting lamps and lanterns are more expensive than ordinary lighting lamps and lanterns, the price of ordinary light bulbs is generally less than 5 yuan, but the price of ordinary led bulbs is generally about 10 yuan 20 yuan.

The price of lamps and lanterns is generally how many simple modern lighting package combination ceiling lights living room lights bedroom lights set atmospheric household use in 2019, the reference price is generally about 520 yuan.

Like an ordinary led bulb, the price is between 5-20 yuan; the price of LED lamps with small decoration is more expensive, perhaps between 50-500 yuan; if the decoration is very beautiful, can shine a variety of different lights, the price will be relatively high, more than 500 yuan, thousands of yuan is possible.

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