Installation method and matters needing attention of led panel lamps

1. The first method is the simplest and most common installation method: first, take a ceiling, put the driver of the LED panel light on the next ceiling, connect the power cord, and then put the board light on it. The second method is hoisting, to use the cable.

2, embedded installation: first remove one of the ceilings, then put the driver of the led panel lamp in the surrounding ceiling, then connect the power cord, and finally embed the led panel lamp into the hole.

Step 1: turn off the old light bulb. Please note that simply turning off the wall switch may not turn off the light bulb, so be sure to remove the circuit fuse or trip the circuit breaker. Step 2: remove the old installation assembly that holds the existing fixture in place and disconnect the fluorescent light from the circuit.

Step 1: power off the old lamps and lanterns. Please note that simply turning off the wall switch may not power off the lamp, so be sure to remove the circuit fuse or trip the circuit breaker. Step 2: remove the old installation component that holds the existing luminaire in place and disconnect the fluorescent lamp wire from the circuit wire.

Standard for installation of fire emergency lights

1. Fire emergency lights advocate low installation, that is, near the ground or at the height of the ground. Because in the state of fire, there is less smoke and more oxygen near the ground, people usually bend over or crawl to escape, and local high illumination is more effective than high-level installation of uniform illumination.

2. There are standards. Installation height of fire emergency lights: in general places, the installation height of fire emergency lights is about 2 ~ 5 meters. Evacuation exits with a height of more than 4 meters can install fire emergency lights on the edge of the exit door. The installation of fire emergency lights in the aisle can be installed at 20 meters each.

3, with emergency lighting function, emergency lighting installation standard is not less than two meters from the door frame. When installing emergency lights, the height from the door frame should not be less than two meters. If corridor lights are installed, the height from the wall should not exceed one meter. However, there are also some special circumstances, which should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

4. Fire emergency lights should be installed at a height of about 2m to 5m above the ground, and emergency signs should be installed at about 300m-500mm from the ground.

My bathroom three-in-one Yuba lighting is broken, how to change the lighting?

Turn off the power: before changing the Yuba lights, you need to turn off the corresponding power switch to ensure safe operation. Remove the lampshade: use a tool to remove Yuba’s lampshade from its bracket. Be careful not to use too much force when removing it to prevent the lampshade or bracket from being damaged.

If the home bully lamp is broken, first take off the Yuba lamp: find a ladder or stool cushion foot, when the hand can reach the bulb lamp, use your hand to hold the front end of the bulb and turn the bulb counterclockwise, you can take the Yuba lamp off. Remove the second unlit light in the same way.

The first step of changing the lights: first, you take off the two Yuba lights and use a knife to stilt a piece of the integration board in the gap between the integration board.

The price of the bulb must buy the same power bulb, the common ones are AC220V, 275W. In addition, we should also pay attention to whether it is long-legged or short-legged. You can take a bad light bulb to the store with a price tag ranging from 15 yuan to 40 yuan.

Lighting fixtures installed in industrial storerooms

The cost of using a pearl mask will be much lower, and the lighting angle will be large when the industrial and mining lamp is installed, generally a square of 2 watts of LED is enough. The top of the line should be covered with a pipe, and the two rows of shelves share a switch. This is only the method of my work team, and I don’t know if the standard is not standard.

Warehouse lighting should be installed on the ceiling or more than 2 meters on the side wall.

The choice of explosion-proof lamps or three-proof lamps and lanterns in the warehouse depends on the storage of items in your warehouse. Energy-saving lamps and lanterns are fine, so they are economical and affordable. If you use them for a long time, you can choose led explosion-proof lamps.

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