How to do the purchasing process of lighting factory

(1) physical storage: before receiving the materials, the consignee needs to confirm whether the supplier’s delivery order has the following information: supplier name, order number, inventory code, quantity; if the information on the order does not match the purchase order, ask the buyer for advice on whether it can be accepted.

First of all, the purchasing department should determine which products or services the factory has to be purchased, then look for the products or services on the market, and analyze the functions of the products or services. Fourth, look for suppliers. Factories generally look for suppliers through the combination of online and offline. Fifth, solicitation of proposals, which is similar to bidding.

The main purpose of purchasing is to receive the production plan, then ask the supplier for the goods according to the requirements of the plan, and go through the formalities of storage after the arrival of the goods (pay attention to whether the price and model of the goods have been approved by the factory price audit department) and request for money. Some units also have to reimburse invoices. These are mainly the above problems.

Make purchase plan. Responsible for drawing up the corresponding purchasing plan according to the demand plan of production, general affairs, equipment and inspection, and organizing the specific implementation to ensure the material supply in the process of operation. Responsible for purchasing the materials needed by the company.

Ranking of lamp manufacturers in Guangdong

NO.1 Zhengbang Lamps Factory is located in Guzhen, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, where the company has a greater influence and strong market competitiveness, the company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and installation of all kinds of lamps and lanterns, is a diversified high-tech enterprise, has a greater influence in the local area.

Huayi lighting brand, founded in the ancient town of Zhongshan City, the lighting capital of China, has always been a famous lighting brand in the industry. The company is the largest lighting manufacturer in Guzhen, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.

Top 10 lamp brands ranking Opp OPPLE Opp Lighting, derived from Guangdong, China’s famous lighting brand, China’s well-known trademark, one of the top ten domestic lighting brands. It is rated as the top 500 brand value in China because of its sales, word-of-mouth and quality.

No. 1: Opp, founded in Guangdong, is a well-known lamp brand with high advertising and brand promotion value. Second place: Leishi Lighting is also a competitive enterprise in the industry, with strong capital strength and full competitiveness of its products, which has maintained a momentum of rapid development.

The top 10 ranking of lamps and lanterns brands are as follows: Opp Lighting is a comprehensive large lighting enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The well-known brands of energy-saving lamps and ceiling lamps successfully landed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 19, 2016. Officially listed.

Lamp factory produces a batch of lamps and lanterns originally planned to produce 75 sets per day in 20 days to complete the actual daily production ratio.

1. × (1cm 1amp 3) = 100 (Taiwan) 75 × 20 / 100cm 15 (days) Hello, this problem has been solved, if you are satisfied, please click “accept the answer” in the lower right corner.

2. According to the title, the total number of machines produced is: 75,000, 20,1500, and now there are 3 more machines per day than the original plan, that is, the number of machines produced per day is 75 * (1: 1) = 100, so the actual number of days used is: 1500, 100, 15 days.

3. A batch of washing machines and color TVs have been shipped from stores and shopping malls. The number of color TVs is three times that of washing machines. At present, an average of 10 washing machines and 15 color TVs are sold every day. After the washing machines are sold out, 120 color TVs remain unsold. How many washing machines and color TVs are shipped? Xiaomin runs at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

4. Set up: actually produce X sets per day. 20cm 240 = (20-4) x the idea of solving the problem of Xerox 300 is that the total output remains the same.

5. The ceramic factory will produce a batch of teacups. It was originally planned to produce 750 teacups a day, which will be completed in 20 days. The actual daily production is only 1×3 more than the planned daily production. How many days will it take to finish the task? The actual investment in the expansion of a school building is 180000 yuan, which is 20, 000 yuan less than the original plan.

6. According to this, the task will be completed 10 days ahead of schedule, which is equivalent to saving the planned 10-day production task.

What is the job of lighting factory (welding lamp beads)? What is the nature of the job? Such a process? Is this a good job?

Solder workers, electronic products assembly line welding work, simple repetition of work, more harmful to the eyes.

LED assembly technology and shape understanding from chip selection, solid crystal, binding, baking, glue filling, aging, testing, these processes should have a basic understanding. The chip composition of various forms and sizes of lamp beads, modules, patches and other distinctions and functions should be clearly understood.

Characteristics of LED lamps and lanterns: LED lamp beads are a kind of light-emitting diodes, which can convert electrical energy into light energy semiconductors. it changes the principle of incandescent lamp tungsten filament luminescence and energy-saving lamp three-base color powder luminescence, and uses electric field luminescence. LED lamps and lanterns can use DC DC220V voltage without glow starter and ballast.

The operator is the type of work responsible for the operation of equipment and instruments! For example, the machine tool operator, his main job is the operation of the machine tool, accompanied by the simple maintenance of the organic bed. Job responsibilities of workshop operator: abide by factory rules and regulations, implement various production management systems, and obey the distribution of leaders.

LED lamp beads with strong antistatic ability have a long life, so the price is high. Usually LED lamp beads with antistatic voltage greater than 700V can be used in LED lighting. Leakage current LED lamp bead is a unidirectional conductive luminous body, if there is a reverse current, it is called leakage current, large leakage current LED lamp beads, short life, low price.

LED is (light emitting diode) in English. LED lamp bead is the abbreviation of LED lamp bead of light emitting diode, which is a popular name.

How much does it cost to install lamps and lanterns, and the economy that should be considered when choosing installation services?

1, from the installation master to see the professional lighting installation company master: generally charge at least 80 yuan-100 yuan /; personal contract lighting installation master: generally charge at least 60 yuan-80 yuan /; part-time lighting installation contractor: the charge is generally 40 yuan-50 yuan /.

2. The third is to charge according to the complexity of the installation fee. In addition to installing lights, it also includes bright lines, dark lines, cable TV set-top boxes, etc., and the socket switch is more than 500 yuan in room 3. According to the difficulty of the living room lamp, the assembly cost is higher. In addition to the main lamp, the charge standard for the installation of lamps in the three rooms is about 200 to 500 yuan.

3. The ordinary demolition fee is 20 yuan (excluding complex situations). Of course, if it is a simple chandelier, you can dismantle it yourself, which eliminates the demolition fee. And now the price of installation lamps and lanterns is about 150 yuan, labor costs are different in different regions, the specific price shall prevail in practice.

4, the installation of ceiling lamp is generally about 200, but also according to the local consumption situation.

5, generally speaking, the installation price of lamps and lanterns is not very expensive, the installation cost of general crystal chandelier is about 100 yuan, and compared with other ceiling lights, it is about 10 yuan each. However, if you generally buy in a larger shopping mall, you will also provide free door-to-door lamps and lanterns installation service if it is better after sale.

Why are car headlights so expensive?

1. This is why the headlamp group is so expensive. The more high-end the headlamp group is, the more expensive it is. It is worth mentioning that the penetrating lamp group is difficult to replace, so when it is damaged, the whole group has to be replaced, so don’t look at the through lamp group. You know what heartache is when you change it.

2. Audi lights are very expensive because of their advanced technology and beautiful design. The following is a detailed description of Audi’s headlights: led originated from Audi: the first car to use LED light source is Audi. Audi has started to use OLED since LED was widely used in car headlights.

3. First of all, the price of car headlamps in large factories is between 1000 and 5000, without any exaggerated theme. There are about hundreds of thousands of cars, and the headlights are related to several thousand yuan (more than 500,000 cars are basically imported, and imported cars are not discussed). If the 4S costs tens of thousands of yuan for headlights, that’s the problem with the 4S.

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