Cabinet depth 550 how to install linear lights

The installation of linear lights requires connecting wires, so we need to turn off the switch before construction. According to the size specification of the linear lamp slot, we use the cutting machine to slot on the plasterboard of the ceiling. Before slotting, use a ruler to measure and mark the position of the slotting at the installation of the linear lamp.

Before installation, you need to prepare the linear lamps to be installed, and at the same time, you need to determine the specific installation location. If the installation location is relatively high, you also need to prepare a herringbone ladder, and you need to close all the power supply valves at home first. Then you can place the lamps and lanterns where you need to install them.

Installation: linear lamps and lanterns are commonly used in several categories: lamp belt, lamp tube, hard lamp strip and linear lamp.

Install line lights in the exact location. Linear lamp, free combination of flexible forms, diverse shapes, low-voltage energy-saving, high safety factor and other characteristics, can be widely used in metope decoration, top decoration, stair tread, outdoor lighting and other places.

Installation method and wiring of line lamp

1. The connection method of full-color strip lamp network cable is as follows: first of all, we need to pay attention to the installation position of the power cord, which should match with the controller of the lamp. Confirm the color of the lamp before wiring, in the order of red, green, blue, black, red is the positive pole.

2. (1) side exit: select one of the two sides of the line lamp to punch on an outlet hole equal to the line diameter, and the waterproof wiring is connected with the circuit board from this hole position. Its advantage is that it can achieve seamless docking, brightening effect without dark area, and installation is very convenient.

3. Installation steps: splicing method: the splicing mode of lamps and lanterns can be divided into three categories: positive angle splicing, Yin angle splicing, and flat angle splicing. ① positive corner splicing: the convex corner of the wall. ② corner splicing: the concave corner of the wall corner. ③ flat angle stitching: the same horizontal plane.

4. The colors of the three lines of LED are brown, blue and yellow / green respectively. Where the color is yellow / green is the ground wire. Then the brown wire and the blue zero wire will be fine. LED is a light-emitting diode, which is a new technology developed in the middle of the 20th century.

5, line lights can be neatly arranged in the middle of the top of the space, or arranged in accordance with the space alignment, pay attention to make the light and brightness of the space as uniform as possible to create a comfortable and healthy office lighting environment.

Can linear lights be installed on ceramic tiles?

1. Yes. The back of the low-voltage lamp belt is pasted directly with 3M glue. If it is a high-voltage light belt, it can be fixed with glass glue.

2. The installation mode of non-linear lamp is mainly surface installation and embedded installation: surface-mounted linear lamp is installed on the ceiling or wall surface, which is more suitable for the situation where the ceiling height causes the chandelier to be too low.

3. Just stick the induction lamp strip on the ceramic tile kick line directly. Buy a good kick line induction lamp strip. After a good size, it can be pasted directly with back glue or other glue with better adhesion. When buying the same color: keep the same color with the floor or wall as much as possible, the overall sense of unity will be stronger.

4. Unless the environment is not very humid, just tear it off and paste it on it. If it needs to be cut, it can be cut in the middle of a group of three lights or six lights.

5. Yes. Under normal circumstances, if the living room wall is tiled, the downlight color used on the ceiling can be yellow. As the yellow light is relatively soft, it will not be dazzling on the tiles. If you use a brighter white light, the reflection on the tile will be more dazzling.

6, or 0, if not long enough, it is recommended that you use 0 RV copper core PVC insulation to connect the flexible cord after peeling, so that the connection effect is better. However, as long as you can connect with the original downlight soft cable, the contact and insulation is good, the hard wire of 5 is also OK, but you need to use clamps when hinged, which is a bit more troublesome.

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