Decoration process

1. Water and electricity: for example, there are no drawings before decoration So in the end, a socket on the terrace forgot to install it. Yes. And the switch of the bedside lamp is blocked by the bedside. So before decorating, you should anticipate what kind of furniture you want to buy and budget the size.

2, the process steps of decorating the house before decorating the new house, you need to design the desired decoration effect according to your own ideas and decoration budget. Demolish the old wall, build the new wall if there is an undesirable old wall in the house, then build the new wall in the right place according to your own design.

3. The early stage of the design carries on the detailed measurement and design to the room according to their own needs, especially the accurate measurement of the metope Yao after putting the furniture. When the main body is ready for construction, it is the first thing to do, including demolishing walls, building walls, shoveling wall skins, removing heating, replacing plastic steel windows, and so on.

4. the construction process of decoration: entering the field, demolishing the wall and building the wall. The bathroom and the kitchen floor do 24-hour closed water test. Chisel slot, water and electricity transformation and acceptance. Buried wire slot concealed hydropower transformation project, closed water experiment without leakage began to do waterproofing project. The wallboard is affixed to the bathroom and kitchen. The carpenter enters the field, ceiling, plaster angle.

5. Housing decoration process and step 1 the first step of house decoration is to demolish and reform the main body, such as demolishing walls, building walls, and so on.

6. The construction sequence of the decoration project is as follows: Wall transformation, demolition of → hydropower construction, → bricklayer wall masonry, → waterproofing project, → ceramic tile paving, → waterproof test, → laying floor tile, → carpentry production, → oil wall treatment, → living room floor tile laying, → wall painting, → main material installation, → pollution control, → sanitation, cleaning, → auspicious day.

Installation process and Construction method of Led Street Lamp

Street lamp installation and street lamp cable laying, street lamp control cabinet installation. Cable pre-buried pipe laying, street lamp foundation production. Characteristics of the project: based on the principle of considering saving project cost. Organize various types of work to cooperate with the construction, in order to achieve the construction conditions of taxi construction, installation and other types of work, and ensure the overall progress of the project.

In the first step of the installation of solar led lights, we need to make the foundation of the facility according to the drawings. Especially for street lamps, it is necessary to build the foundation in advance. The second step is to install the hardware equipment of solar led lamp according to the product drawing. The third step is to connect, including power lines and signal lines.

First of all, prepare the materials and tools used in the installation process, including led chandelier and related accessories, impact drill, expansion screw, movable wrench. Main body installation (1) remove the back strip from the led chandelier and find a way to print the holes in the back strip where you need to install it.

What are the manufacturers of landscape lighting lamps?

Dongsheng Optoelectronics: Dongsheng Optoelectronics is a professional manufacturer of LED lamps and lanterns, whose landscape products include spotlights, wall washing lights, embedded floor lamps, underwater lights, etc., which meet the national electrical safety and lighting quality standards, and are mostly used in urban municipal, commercial square, indoor and outdoor decoration, building lighting and other projects.

Shenzhen Guangming District Liangmeicheng Lighting Factory in order to jointly develop the future business opportunities of the LED outdoor lighting market, manufacturers will be excellent quality, affordable prices, perfect after-sales service to become the choice of customers.

Zhejiang Jielai Lighting Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jielai Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 (formerly: Hangzhou Liangmei Lighting Co., Ltd.). At present, the company’s products include LED landscape lighting, LED road lighting, LED commercial lighting, LED factory lights and other series of more than 300 mature products.

So, what are the manufacturers of view lights in China? Next, the editor will take you to know the manufacturers of Jiejing Lantern in China.

Zhongshan Wyndham Lighting Design Co., Ltd. manufacturer profile: Zhongshan Wyndham Lighting Design Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of lighting products. After years of development, the products of Wyndham Lighting Design Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the majority of consumers, and their products are also exported to overseas.

Ten domestic landscape lighting brands: AD Lighting, Shengya Lighting, Tsinghua Tongfang Lighting, Rex Lighting, Grand Canyon Optoelectronics, Liangmeiji Lighting, Le Lei Optoelectronics, Qiya Lighting, Delos Lighting, Ike Lighting.

What is the sequence in the process of decorating a new house?

The demolition and reconstruction of the main body is the first in the decoration. A project of It mainly includes demolishing walls, building walls, shoveling wall skins, removing heating, replacing plastic steel windows, and so on.

After the carpentry enters the water and electricity transformation, the carpentry can let the carpentry in. The carpentry, bricklayer and oil worker are the three brothers in the construction. Usually the carpentry is the first to come out, and the carpentry is mainly responsible for the installation of doors and windows, floor and furniture production.

Detailed understanding of the renovation of water, electricity, gas and heating in the sequence of new house decoration. In fact, the quality of the materials used by many housing developers in laying pipelines is not up to standard, so in order to ensure that there will not be unnecessary trouble in the future, these things must be replaced.

What is the order of decorating the new house? The demolition and reconstruction of the main body is the first project, which mainly includes demolishing walls, building walls, shoveling wall skins, dismantling heating, replacing plastic steel windows and so on. The demolished garbage should be cleaned out in time to ensure the cleanliness of the room and make it more convenient for future construction.

Next, cabinets can be installed, wooden doors can be installed, floors can be installed, and then wallpaper can be used for construction. The following decoration sequence is radiator installation, switch socket installation, lamp installation, hardware sanitary ware installation, curtain rod installation, pioneer cleaning, furniture entry, home appliance installation, home accessories and so on.

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