Custom office lighting fixtures

For the lamps and lanterns in the public channel area, the illuminance should be flexibly controlled to meet the requirements of the aisle, that is, the multi-loop method, which is convenient for the purpose of working overtime at night and saving energy, and the illuminance is generally controlled around 200Lx. Lamps and lanterns to choose more tube lights, or the use of hidden lights with a combination of methods, can also play the purpose of guidance. Reception room lights.

Light belt: shaped like a belt, the front desk of the office, conference room, boss’s office, background wall LOGO and other places can install light belt, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection. Downlights: downlights are more focused for general lighting. Downlights can be installed in public areas and walkways of the office.

It is important to choose lamps and lanterns in the office area, because if the lighting is too bright or too dark, it will affect the work. The office lighting area has a very high requirement for color rendering, and the light source with color rendering index Ra > 80 is generally selected.

Is Baoding Great Wall Jiaozhuang Lamps Factory tired? What’s the main thing?

1. I am a front-line worker in the Jiaozhuang Great Wall-Mande optoelectronic workshop, engaged in the assembly of headlights. Now the workshop team forces the front-line staff to complete the original 10-hour 550 production capacity within 8 hours, and if not, the monitor will wear small shoes.

2. Not tired. Wire harness and lamp workshops are basically female workers, and men will be recruited if they are tired.

3. I’m tired. It is responsible for internal and external decoration new material research, material development, material technology shelf construction and maintenance, material approval list establishment and maintenance, material standards and requirements book compilation and revision, material VAVE, material problem solving.

4. Tired. LED lamps and lanterns factory also belongs to the electronics factory, if it is an indoor lamp factory, such as LED tubes, ceiling lights, these are relatively easy, are assembly line production, but long-time work is very hard. Jiujiang in Jiangxi generally refers to Jiujiang. Jiujiang, referred to as “Xun”, was called Chaisang, Jiangzhou and Xunyang in ancient times. Jiangxi Province has jurisdiction over prefecture-level cities.

5. Tired. Most of them go to work standing up, foot pain, low back pain, but can bear it, lighting factory, Taicang lamps and lanterns factory is divided into several types of work, randomly assigned, some turn on, standing to work is still very tired. Taicang City, under the jurisdiction of county-level cities in Jiangsu Province, is hosted by Suzhou City.

Would you like to make a factory for lighting (energy-saving lamps)? How much is it per month? Nothing will happen.

It’s not easy to do! Because if you are not familiar with a job at the beginning, it will be difficult, but if you want to be a front-line skilled worker in a light bulb factory, it will not be very difficult, it will be easy after proficiency, but the work is very tiring.

Good to do. Employees of a LED lamp manufacturer in Yushan County Industrial Park, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, are rushing to make LED lights. In order to ensure that the exported LED energy-saving lamps are delivered in quality and quantity on time, the employees of the enterprise work overtime.

If you have a sense of guitar for a week, you are advised to learn tuning. You can usually learn it within half a month. The salary of tuning is quite considerable in the guitar factory. They are all typed by themselves. I have done it before. If you don’t understand, you can ask me and forget to adopt it.

What are the jobs in the lighting factory?

LED lighting factory generally has shell processing, power production, lamp board production and so on, generally boys tight LED lighting factory, generally that position can be done, generally can do welding, aging, inspection, warehousing and so on.

Count the supplier’s timeliness and service quality, and file. Follow up the incoming goods, deal with the quality problems in time, and go through the formalities of storage. (3) deal with on-site quality problems, feedback quality information and quality problems in time, and ask suppliers to improve.

. product inspection on the assembly line 2. Inspection and signing of incoming materials in warehouse 3. Acceptance and statistics of finished products 4. Verification of samples and verification and signature of relevant responsible persons.

Lighting factory is how to work the factory assembly line independent design. Process parts, assemble and pack. Small factories go to the accessories market or accessories factory to buy ready-made popular accessories, go back to assemble and pack. Medium manufacturers go to the accessories factory to customize the designed accessories, take them back to their own workshop for assembly and packing.

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