Installation method and wiring of line lamp

1. The connection method of full-color strip lamp network cable is as follows: first of all, we need to pay attention to the installation position of the power cord, which should match with the controller of the lamp. Confirm the color of the lamp before wiring, in the order of red, green, blue, black, red is the positive pole.

2. (1) side exit: select one of the two sides of the line lamp to punch on an outlet hole equal to the line diameter, and the waterproof wiring is connected with the circuit board from this hole position. Its advantage is that it can achieve seamless docking, brightening effect without dark area, and installation is very convenient.

3. Installation steps: splicing method: the splicing mode of lamps and lanterns can be divided into three categories: positive angle splicing, Yin angle splicing, and flat angle splicing. ① positive corner splicing: the convex corner of the wall. ② corner splicing: the concave corner of the wall corner. ③ flat angle stitching: the same horizontal plane.

Illustration of how to install long lamps

1. Start with a fluorescent tube or light bulbYou can install a new lamp. If you are not sure whether the lamp is burnt out, test the old lamp in another fluorescent lamp. You can remove it from the lamp socket by turning the old lamp.

2. The first way: oldThe installation method is that there are springs on both sides. Push it to one side with a little force and you can come out.Yes, this is also the case when installing. Aim the two terminal posts on one side of the lamp tube at the two holes of the socket on the other side, press hard to one side, and the lamp tube can be installed.

3. Fix the lamp tube, fix the lamp tube with the original three curved metal cards, screw it with a screwdriver, then connect the wire, stick it with tape, fix it, and clip the wire slot on the lamp tube at the same time. Install the lampshade at the back, put back the three clips you just unloaded, and fix the lampshade. Switch (the power) on.

4. Generally speaking, there are signs of blackening at both ends of a bad lamp, which requires a replacement of the fluorescent tube. If it is, it needs to be replaced. Second, check the long fluorescent tube to see if it is not working because the lamp is loose. If the jacking tube is fastened, if not, turn the lamp to the position of the bayonet and take it off.

5. Place the new lamp according to the channel at the foot of the lamp, and then rotate it about 90 degrees to put it in place. Turn on the power if you don’t turn on the lamp or glow starter question 2: how to install a household lamp? I think if you don’t have the relevant skills, you’d better not try it yourself.

6. There are two kinds of rotating feet and spring feet. The former is the same as ordinary feet. The latter sees which end can be pushed. Push the lamp there. Then one end of the pin is released and the last 55H lamp is ready. First release the metal clip, then a small screwdriver against the clamp of the lamp holder.

How to install the lighting of steel structure factory building?

1. The preliminary design is not considered.Then this has to be designed according to the required brightness combined with the window of the factory building and the roof lighting belt.A factory building with a height of 9 meters is usually sufficient with a chandelier of 50 square meters and a 200W chandelier. This is the easiest way to install and look at the picture.

2. I have also done the installation of lamps in such a factory. At that time, I handled it like this. I fixed it with 25m2 steel strands and flower basket screws at both ends. I first calculated the height according to the provisions of the drawings, and the line was laid through the pvc tube. When the lamp tube fell off, I dealt with it.I don’t know.Your owner agrees or not, it’s more time-saving and labor-saving.

3. The steel wire pulling rope of the column is used as the carrier, and the lighting circuit and lamps can be attached to it. Do not destroy the original steel structure.

4. In the large steel structure factory building, the bridge frame generally goes along the crane beam, and the angle steel and channel steel are used as the support, and those without the crane beam generally walk along the column, which is more beautiful and convenient for the construction of the project.

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