There are many beautiful photos of Nordic style lamps and lanterns here. Would you like to see them?

1, in the style of the design is also numerous, the Nordic style lamps and lanterns of beauty, viewing, fitness can well express the style of the house.

2. Nordic wind lamps and lanterns are characterized by simplicity and generosity, elegance and luxury. In the style of the design is also numerous, it should be noted that the material is not the comparison of European lamps, the most important thing is the Nordic style lamps and lanterns of beauty, appreciation, fitness and whether it can better express the style of the house.

3. Nordic style lamp type Nordic classical style lamp. Nordic classical style lamps and lanterns actually refer to the old Western style, which was influenced by the Renaissance and was often influenced by the characteristics of European countries.

4, the characteristics of Nordic style lamps and lanterns this kind of Nordic lamps and lanterns have always given us the impression of simplicity and generosity, as well as elegant and luxurious space beauty.

Which factory building lighting is good?

Philips is a big international brand, quite well-known, I believe that there are not a few friends who know the Philips brand. Philips has a very wide business. Apart from dominating the lighting industry, it still occupies a large market in other electronics industries. Philips is the world’s 100 most valuable brands, world-renowned brands, trustworthy.

Industrial lighting is well done by Philips Lighting, Thorne Lighting, Ocean King Lighting, Huarong Lighting, Zhenghui Lighting, Reishi Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, Qiya Lighting, Purple Lighting and Opp Lighting.

Top ten brands of domestic industrial lighting: Philips, Opp, Leishi, Panasonic, Sunshine, Yaming, Sanxiong Aurora, Zhaochang, Tongshida.

Philips, one of the top ten brands of lamps and lanterns, Philips lamps and lanterns brand was founded in 1894 with a long history. It has become one of the 100 valuable brands in the world. although it was founded in the Netherlands, it also occupies an important position in the Chinese lamp market after years of efforts. China’s well-known trademarks, brands.

What kind of lamp is suitable for factory lighting? What kind of lighting is mainly used in steel structure workshop

1. The type of lamp should be determined according to the ceiling height of the factory. For those with a ceiling below 4m, it is recommended to install LED flat panel lights or LED grille lights, and for those with no ceiling, it is recommended to install suspended LED lamps with supports; for those with a height above 4m, it is recommended to install LED industrial and mining lamps or factory lights with a larger luminous angle.

2, the higher part of the workshop can use LED spotlight, LED industrial and mining lamp, lower place can use LED three anti-lamp (waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosive), need explosion-proof condition to use LED explosion-proof lamp.

3. At present, new office buildings, electronics factories and pharmaceutical factories are gradually using LED lights, LED panel lights, LED downlights, etc., and the proportion has been improved. It is expected that LED panel lights will enter the field of popular lighting in an all-round way.

4. The factory workshop is best illuminated by low-frequency induction lamps. Lamp: lighting articles, generally referring to utensils that can be illuminated. In ancient times, man was illuminated by torches, followed by candles and oil lamps.

5. General industrial and mining lighting has the forms of ceiling, embedding, hoisting (using straight pipe or chain) and suction wall, etc. The movable local lighting lamp is equipped with corresponding hooks, handles, pins, etc.; the fixed local lighting lamp is generally firmly locked on the working machine with screws or fixing mechanism.

6, factory workshop lighting depends on the situation, from the height, within 5 meters, the use of fluorescent light source, can meet the general lighting requirements, between 5-12 meters, from the energy-saving point of view, you can use LED light source lamps and lanterns; more than 12 meters, you can use metal halide lamps or sodium lamp light sources.

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