Which lights will be used in the restaurant decoration design?

1. Spotlights: spotlights can be used to illuminate every corner of the restaurant, making the whole restaurant more bright and comfortable. You can choose spotlights that adjust the brightness so that the lights can be adjusted at different times of the meal. The color and shape of the spotlights also need to be chosen according to the style of the whole restaurant.

2. Lamps and lanterns like clouds and flowers increase the beauty of decoration for the living room. The lamp design of the new Chinese restaurant, the round chandelier design echoes with the dining table, the invisible light belt design is embedded in the ceiling, and the lights gather on the dining table, showing a warm and elegant dining atmosphere.

3, the addition of warm yellow light belt, which not only softens the overall lighting of the restaurant, but also increases the sense of space of the restaurant and makes the restaurant feel more comfortable. Compared with the chandelier, downlight, spotlight and other basic lighting at the top of the traditional restaurant, hiding the lamp belt at the top is easy to make the design of the restaurant more integrated.

Is the living room ceiling with a light belt or without a light belt? What is the reason?

First of all, the lamp belt also belongs to a kind of lamps and lanterns, the lighting effect is very good. It can not only increase the daylighting and permeability of the house, but also make the whole house look brighter.

Without a ceiling, there can also be ambient light on the ceiling. The curtain box is the most convenient hidden environment light source. In addition to an extra set of lines, there is no other extra cost, the effect is very good. When watching a movie, if your TV wall has a shape and can be equipped with a light belt, it is a very good atmosphere lamp for watching movies.

I personally think that when decorating, the living room ceiling has a light belt, the effect will be better, there is a more sense of atmosphere. Add a lamp belt to the ceiling, which can increase the lighting of the house and make the house more transparent. Will make the whole room look brighter, if the Huxing lighting is not very good, it is recommended to install the light belt when decorating.

If there is a lamp belt installed in the position of the living room ceiling, it can make the light of the living room better, look brighter, and can also create a warm and romantic atmosphere. In daily life, the frequency of the lamp belt is actually relatively low, so it will cause some waste.

Of course, there must be a light belt, otherwise there is no point in the ceiling. We don’t expect the lamp to be illuminated, but only when there is a lamp slot can we have a sense of hierarchy. It’s actually good to install a warm-colored light belt as an atmosphere lamp. Different shapes of lighting, full sense of design, hanging on the ceiling, soft lighting makes the living room atmosphere thicker, the overall style to enhance a level.

In household lighting, how to design the lamp belt in order to have artistic conception?

Find a suitable space, give full play to your imagination, outline a wonderful outline with a light belt, and use light as a supplement to give the house a place to dream.

Perfect integration of lighting and soft and hard equipment, pay attention to the collocation effect of lighting and other decoration elements around, and activate space colors and elements with lights, you can use lights to outline the advanced sense of becoming a monk. Specifically, you can refer to this home lighting design case of Leishi Lighting.

The first place is the ceiling, which is where many people often choose to install. If the light belt is matched with other main lights, the whole house will look brighter but not abrupt.

If the lamp belt is designed at the junction of different functional areas, the space can be divided and the transition can be completed. Through light and shade contrast, create a comfortable and harmonious lighting environment. The ceiling of the living room or bedroom can be designed as such a light belt to create a soft, comfortable, warm and bright living environment.

The secondary light source is mostly composed of hole lamp and lamp belt similar to light source, which plays the effect of beautification and lighting. Home improvement is not recommended to choose spotlights, light and color generally choose white or warm color series.

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