Picture and video of factory lighting installation

Factory lighting installation plays a crucial role in ensuring proper visibility and safety within the manufacturing facility. With advancements in technology, factory owners now have access to a wide range of lighting options that not only provide adequate illumination but also contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings.

One of the most effective ways to showcase the benefits of factory lighting installation is through pictures and videos. Visual media allows viewers to see firsthand the difference that proper lighting can make in a factory setting. By capturing high-quality images and videos of before and after the installation, factory owners can effectively demonstrate the positive impact on productivity, employee morale, and overall working conditions.

In these visuals, it is important to highlight various aspects of the factory lighting installation. This includes showcasing different types of lighting fixtures that have been installed, such as LED lights or high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. By explaining the advantages of each type, viewers can understand why certain choices were made in terms of lighting selection.

Additionally, it is also important to focus on the improved lighting levels achieved after installation. The visuals should clearly depict how brighter and more uniform illumination has been achieved throughout different areas of the factory floor. This could be shown through side-by-side comparisons or by highlighting specific workstations or production lines where visibility has significantly improved.

Moreover, highlighting energy-saving features and cost benefits is crucial when promoting factory lighting installations. Showcasing energy-efficient LED lights with their longer lifespan and lower power consumption can help illustrate how these installations contribute to reducing electricity bills for factories in the long run. Videos demonstrating how automated controls are used to optimize lighting usage based on occupancy or daylight availability further emphasize these benefits.

Finally, including testimonials from employees who have experienced improved working conditions due to better lighting can add credibility and relatability to the visuals. These testimonials can be captured in short video interviews where employees express their satisfaction with enhanced visibility, reduced eye strain, and increased safety within their work environment.

Installation mode of lighting lamps and lanterns in I-steel workshop!

Suspended installation. In the lighting of steel structure factory building, the lamps with different light sources and power have different installation methods. In the lighting of steel structure factory building, the most commonly used installation mode is suspended installation.

If the preliminary design is not taken into account, this has to be designed according to the required brightness combined with the window of the factory building and the roof lighting belt. (usually) the factory building with a height of 9 meters is usually enough with a 200W chandelier of 50 square meters. This is the easiest way to install and look at the picture.

The installation height of the lamp should be greater than 5 meters, the wire should be connected with the lamp through the terminal post, and should not be near the surface of the lamp. The lamp must be used with the trigger and the current limiter. Protective measures shall be taken for reflective lighting lanterns installed on the ground.

Hoisting type: hoisting lighting fixtures are installed on the roof and need to be fixed with hooks or chains. When in use, we should pay attention to the weight of the lamps and the load-bearing capacity of the hoisting device, so as to avoid accidents. Embedded: embedded lighting fixtures are installed in ceilings or walls, need to make holes in the installation position, and install the lamps and lanterns in the holes.

A wall lamp mounted on a wall. Attached to the wall installed on the wall, columns, mainly for local lighting, decorative lighting, not suitable for the installation of lamps and lanterns in the ceiling or places without a ceiling. Fixed to the surface of the ceiling (such as a ceiling lamp). The suction lamp is to absorb and paste the lamps and lanterns on the ceiling surface, which is mainly used in the room without a ceiling.

The steel wire pulling rope of the column section is used as the carrier, and the lighting circuit and lamps can be attached to it. Do not destroy the original steel structure.

How to install factory lights

The hanging chain factory lamp is a lamp suspended by an iron chain. there is no need to wear a protective tube between the lamp holder and the lamp holder, just lead the wire down the chain directly.

Tools such as ladders, screwdrivers, tape and impact drills should be prepared before installation. These tools must be used, and then you can begin to install the lamps and lanterns. If the lamps and lanterns have been installed before, remove the old lamps and lanterns and clean the surface before starting the installation. Then, turn off the power first to prevent electric shock during installation.

The hanging ring is fixed on the lamp body, and the fixing hook is threaded and can be tightened directly on the lamp body. After the assembly step is completed, the hanging ring of the LED industrial and mining lamp will be aligned with the reserved hook. The remaining LED industrial and mining lamp wiring work, pay attention to distinguish between zero line and fire line, in order to ensure safety, please install by professional electricians.

The connection on the LED industrial and mining lamp can be drilled through the connection with the back of the lamp can be fixed with a wire clip, to ensure that it is firmly fixed.

Illustration of how to install long lamps

1. First of all, you can install a new lamp from the fluorescent tube or bulb. If you are not sure whether the lamp is burnt out, please test the old lamp in another fluorescent lamp. You can remove it from the lamp socket by turning the old lamp.

2. the first way: the old way of installation is that there are springs on both sides. Push it to one side with a little force, and it’s the same when you install it. Aim the two terminal posts on one side of the lamp tube at the two holes in the socket on the other side, press hard to one side, and the lamp tube can be installed.

3. Generally speaking, there are signs of blackening at both ends of a bad lamp, which requires a replacement of the fluorescent tube. If it is, it needs to be replaced. Second, check the long fluorescent tube to see if it is not working because the lamp is loose. If the jacking tube is fastened, if not, turn the lamp to the position of the bayonet and take it off.

4. The installation method of the lamp tube is as follows: fix the lamp tube, fix the original three curved metal cards, screw it with a screwdriver, then connect the wire, stick it with tape, fix it, and clip the wire slot on the lamp tube at the same time. Install the lampshade at the back, put back the three clips you just unloaded, and fix the lampshade.

5. There are two kinds of rotating feet and spring feet. The former is the same as ordinary feet. The latter sees which end can be pushed. Push the lamp there. Then one end of the pin is released and the last 55H lamp is ready. First release the metal clip, then a small screwdriver against the clamp of the lamp holder.

Where to find workers to install ceiling lights

1. Another is that you can go to the local lighting store to find someone to install it. If the shopkeeper opens the door to do business, he does not necessarily have to buy a lamp in the store before installing it. In the past, he directly asked the person who sold the lamp whether there was a cooperative master for installing the lamp. In general, each store will know several installers.

2. Plumber installation lamps and lanterns can be registered on Master Wan to receive orders, and floor installers can be found on Master Niu installation platform. Master Niu is a network home installation platform, there are no restrictions on the location, you can register and certify on their Master Niu app.

3. If a rectangular ceiling lamp is installed in the kitchen, people grasp the frame of the ceiling lamp with their hands and pull it down, and then press the spring in the direction of the ceiling hard to disassemble the ceiling lamp. If the ceiling lamp still can not be removed, people can remove the buckle plate of the rectangular ceiling lamp, and the lamp can be removed.

4. It is almost enough to find a professional around 50. There are special installers in the electrical and furniture stores on the street. If you install it yourself, you need tools such as impact drills, but if you don’t have it at home, you are advised to find a professional master to install it.

5, the first choice is to solve how to fix the lampshade or ballast / lamp tube, first check to see if the screw hole in the original lampshade fixed and ceiling can be reused, if additional drilling is not needed; the tool needed is impact drill / cross (cross) batch. Impact drill is used to drill holes in the ceiling.

How to install the lighting of 8-meter high rigid structure factory building?

If the preliminary design is not taken into account, this has to be designed according to the required brightness combined with the window of the factory building and the roof lighting belt. (usually) the factory building with a height of 9 meters is usually enough with a 200W chandelier of 50 square meters. This is the easiest way to install and look at the picture.

I have also done such factory lighting installation, at that time I dealt with it like this, fixed with 25m2 steel strands at both ends with flower basket screws, calculated the height first according to the provisions of the drawings, the line was laid through pvc pipes, and the lamps were disposed of. I don’t know if your owners agree or not, this is more time-saving and labor-saving.

The steel wire pulling rope of the column section is used as the carrier, and the lighting circuit and lamps can be attached to it. Do not destroy the original steel structure.

First buy a special hook, then fix it on the ceiling, then install the lamp boom under the ceiling, and finally hang the steel ceiling and fix it. In addition, an independent hanger is set up, which can avoid the phenomenon of cracking and deformation of the hanging surface.

In the top installation, try not to suction top installation, the distance between the upper side of the lamp and the ceiling should be more than 200 mm. When hoisting, the metal suspender or chain should be used, and the upper end of the boom or chain should be fixed on the building structure.

In the large steel structure factory building, the bridge generally goes along the crane beam, and the angle steel and channel steel are used as the support, and those without the crane beam generally walk along the column, which is more beautiful and convenient for the construction of the project.

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